Winter Hygge: 6 Tips to Help You Settle into The New Year

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Off like a shot! The New Year started with a bang and you might need a little Winter Hygge in your life to help slow it down. Slow and steady wins the race so consider the benefits of pacing yourself. These easy tips will help you ease back into things without losing your momentum.

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1. Cozy Up to Winter Hygge

Hygge is a lifestyle intended to bring you greater joy and satisfaction. Nothing is more Winter Hygge than a fireplace to cozy up to with a good book. Also, you can use the benefits of the fire element to help enhance any personal growth goals you made this year. Taking 15 minutes to meditate or read will give you greater stamina. Don’t forget to use a little Feng Shui on your fireplace!

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2. Add a Fresh Plant (or 10)

Hygge is also all about bringing nature indoors. Take a look at our guide for Feng Shui-approved houseplants. Winter Hygge can breathe some life into your home with fresh plants in pretty containers. Use amber glassware and vintage bottles or decanters to add a little color to a simple vignette. Stagger your plants and containers so they are at varying heights. Do don’t have to buy a houseplant; simply prune a nearby shrub for a few branches and you’re set.

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3. Wake + Bake

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you get to stop baking! Kids can enjoy Winter Hygge by helping make cookies. You can find yummy low-glycemic, high-protein cookie recipes that use peanut butter or dates instead of sugar. Getting everyone in the kitchen is a fun way to bond. Having an activity that doesn’t involve cell phones or computers is always a plus! We recommend doing this at least once a week. Both you and your kids will benefit from some constructive one-on-one time.

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4. Be Artistic

Time to settle into Hygge and get content with your surroundings. Use a light touch when adding Winter Hygge decor to your home. Minimalism is the fundamental way to experience the abundance of open space. Learn how to style a console table with these easy tips and keep the look light and fresh. Rearranging furniture or decor can give you a little creative boost. Getting into your left brain opens up the channels for creative thinking and planning.

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5. Healthy Meals for a Group

Move over avocado toast; it’s time for something a little more substantial. Invite friends and family for a simple Winter Hygge meal that includes hummus and pita bread. Our Winter soup recipes and hearty slow cooker vegetable beef soup are also crowd pleasers. A cheese board is also easy to meal prep. Cut up veggies on a day you have extra time and bring them out on rushed days. 1,000 times better than ordering a pizza! Invite friends and neighbors over often and see how Hygge can help you kick those Wintertime blues.

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6. Relax + Retreat

Most people are familiar with the “cozy” aspects of Hygge. When it’s cold outside, Winter Hygge makes it perfectly acceptable to spend extra time in bed. Ultimately, the bedroom should always feel like a personal sanctuary. Using luxurious sheets that keep you at the perfect temperature is a sleep time must! (Learn about the thermoregulating properties of flax in our article on linen bedding.) Grab a paper and herbal tea or make one of our favorite Winter smoothies. Give yourself 15 minutes of personal time every day.

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Prioritize an hour a week with your kids or 15 minutes a day for yourself. Incorporating Winter Hygge should be a priority on your calendar. Schedule it in like you would any other activity and add a “repeat” function! Set an alarm to remind you it’s Hygge time and watch your week become slowly amazing. You can thank us later!

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