Ceramic Earrings: Organic + Cheery

ceramic earrings | organic natural jewelry 80s minimal fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Organic or natural earrings are becoming more and more prevalent within the modern wardrobe. Ceramic earrings offer a variety of aesthetic edges over their more commercialized metallic counterparts. Check out the instant 80s glamour that can come from a humble piece of jewelry.

ceramic earrings | handmade pastel organic shapes 80s fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @foureyesceramics via Instagram

Uniquely Yours

Ceramic is a more natural and malleable material. That means a greater range for customizability to fit your specific taste. DIY earrings are pretty easy – anyone can make a pair of earrings that compliment their style and personality. Porcelain is also a popular type of ceramic used for earrings. You can also find handmade or vintage earrings to rock sustainable fashion! These earrings have no creative limit. Once they are created they will be earrings you can call uniquely yours.

speckled ceramic earrings | circle rectangle organic shapes minimalism | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Gamma Folk

Organic + Abstract

Playing off the theme of customizability, ceramic earrings also offer a greater variety of organic shapes. Organic shapes compliment their earthy vibe and can be concrete or abstract. Concrete shapes can be things you see in nature, such as leaves. Abstract pieces freely transition between hard geometric edges to softened curves.

ceramic earrings | modern minimalist  fashion polymer clay handmade accessories | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Iebis

Purely Pastel

Ceramic earrings also offers a break from the sharp glitz and glamour of metallic earrings. These earrings come in softer pastel colors. These pastel shades combined with their simpler shapes gain their appeal and draw through simplicity. A perfect accessory to help your transition towards Spring! Ceramic is sure to be the best friend of any minimalist.

handmade ceramic earrings | minimalism accessories 80s fashion geometric pastels | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @finelifeco via Instagram

Soften Up Your Look

If you’re looking to show off a softer side, these natural beauties are definitely the way to go. Ceramic earrings soften up any wardrobe with their youthful appeal. The pastel palette and simple shapes are fun and versatile. If you’re looking for a way to effectively brighten up your day-to-day outfits, these small accents go a long way. We especially love these earrings in 80s styles!

ceramic earrings | stud round geometric 80s fashion pastel glazed earthenware clay | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Isla Clay

Truly Deer

Now if you’re looking for the best of both worlds we do have a stellar recommendation for you. Our Insta friend Bea Zunt makes use of both ceramic and metallic material with her earrings. Check out her Etsy shop TrulyDeer. She uses the rounded appeal of ceramic that contrasts perfectly with her use of golden chains and hoops. Perfect for any occasion!

speckled ceramic earrings | porcelain minimal vintage brass hoops handmade | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Truly Deer via Etsy

Eye Catching

Unique glazes can also give them an almost whimsical air to them. The varying thickness of the glazes applied to ceramic earrings allows them to take on natural gradients of intensity. Glazes have the ability to mirror pieces of earthy jewelry such as jade. Perfect for anyone that wants to be China-fine at half the price!

ceramic earrings | intersecting discs minimal fashion natural accessories | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Gamma Folk

Whimsical and Youthful

Add a sense of whimsy to your wardrobe. Ceramic earrings come in many shapes and sizes and have a soft color palette to match. These earrings give offer a vibe that most pieces can’t obtain; playful and abstract while also staying chic and classy.

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