Winter Accessories Will Cheer You Up

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Time to girl it up a little to keep your optimism levels high. Our favorite Winter accessories add a little something extra to your outfit effortlessly. A pop of color here or a dash of flair there is all it takes to look and feel your best. Take a look at what’s trending now and add something fun to your outfit today!

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Winter Accessories Get a Tan

One of the biggest trends we are seeing during Spring fashion weeks is the color tan. Tan Winter accessories are virtually timeless and add a ladylike vibe to your look. Bags are smaller and structured and carry on that ranch style that we have been loving. Ps. Fanny packs are going the way of the dodo. Opt instead for something with a strap or handle. Tan looks delightful with Spring colors and a structured full-length coat definitely needs a structured bag to match.

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Paint the Town

Along with tan, red is a nice way to add a pop of color to an otherwise all-black getup. Add a dose of sex appeal with red Winter accessories. Remember our articles on tiny sunglasses and colored tights? These are prime color candidates for Winter especially. Red tights look amazing poking out from under this season’s trendy plaid trench coat.

winter accessories | red colored tights tiny sunglasses plaid trench coat | Girlfriend is Better
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Discover Your Waist

Our next little fashion favorite gives any drape-y dress a smashing dose of femininity. Simple 1-inch belts are the “best dressed” Winter accessories. A bourgeois Bohemian silk dress with a high neckline needs a little balance in the waist. You don’t want to be rocking the tent look. If your dress has a print, try and implement a fresh color that makes the belt stand out. Very figure-flattering.

winter accessories | red belt black silk dress bourgeois Bohemian | Girlfriend is Better
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Menswear Inspired

If you have a thing for French girl cool and berets, this is the season to put both into full effect! One thing French girls definitely know how to do is incorporate menswear Winter accessories into their look. That means loafers or Oxfords in the shoe department. Paris girls especially opt for any comfortable footwear with a low heel.

winter accessories | red beret hat French girl cool | Girlfriend is Better
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The Trusty Scarf

Continuing on with the menswear idea, we will reiterate the need for a neck scarf. Neck scarves are the best Winter accessories for girls in the office or on the go. They can double as a hair tie in a pinch and can dress up a simple tee. We are loving oversized double-breasted blazers and a tee and scarf are perfect companions!

Photo courtesy: Collage Vintage


If you’re doing any sort of traveling or are in public spaces, it’s important to protect your hands. Gloves are the most practical of our slew of Winter accessories. They don’t just work to keep your hands warm. You should wear gloves when you are using public transportation or are handling doors. Just be sure to have them dry cleaned often and try to remember not to touch your face while wearing them.

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A Little Effort

The point is to put a little extra effort into your outfit each day. Whether it’s a bit of color on your lips or one of these winter accessories; you decide. The smallest of things can have a great effect on your mood. Now that days are shorter and get dark sooner, it’s important to keep your emotional health in tact. When you look good, you feel good!

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