Tiny Sunglasses Take the “Less is More” Approach

Tiny sunglasses | Red cat eye frames | Girlfriend is Better
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Some trends are just plain fun. We have instantly gravitated towards the tiny sunglasses trend and welcome the 90s any day of the week! Perfect for Spring, small spectacles add a mix of humor and haughtiness to your look. Take a gander at some of our favorite versions and pick up a pair while the look is still new.

Tiny sunglasses | Angular frames | Girlfriend is Better
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Tiny Sunglasses, Big Fashion

Narrow shades have been gracing runways for a few seasons now. There seem to be three basic shapes that most designers are using with a few exceptions. For starters, Balenciaga models brought out tiny sunglasses in rectangular shapes. Next, Prabal Gurung added big splashes of tiny color to runway eyes, while Sonia Rykiel finally perfected what we are calling the “kitten eye”. Just take your favorite shape and shrink them in the wash.

Sonia Rykiel kitten eye tiny sunglasses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sonia Rykiel

Go Small or Go Home

The best thing about the look is that it works with just about any face shape. Tiny sunglasses are narrow vertically, but can go as wide as your face deems worthy. Why worry about drawing on perfect liner, when you can perfect the look with micro lenses? Just be aware that people are going to be catching glimpses of your eyes, so this style of frame is not a good one to hide behind. They look amazing in black, but these Vivian Extreme Cat Eye Sunglasses were just too hard to pass up in red. Pick a color that suits you best and try a pair on for size. At least give the trend a shot during Spring, when the sun is less intense. We’ll leave the smoldering to you.

Tiny sunglasses | cat eye black frames | Girlfriend is Better
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Feeling the need for something a little more square? Most rectangular versions of tiny sunglasses still taper up at the ends to mimic a cat eye shape. Rectangular frames give a more futuristic, Matrix-like vibe. We like Prada’s sporty-striped versions with electric colored bands across the top of the rim. Pretty Little Thing has a cool pair of Prada-esque teenies in black, red, or white. They’re only $15 which makes the trend less scary for your pocketbook and also justifies being able to buy all 3 colors!

Prada tiny sunglasses | Sporty rectangular frames | Girlfriend is Better
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We’ve been on a 90s kick since way before our passion was reignited full throttle with Netflix’s Hip Hop Evolution. For a straight-up 90s flashback, try a pair of tiny sunglasses in wide oval shapes. Oval lenses work best with thin, wire frames and conjure images of actresses like Lisa Bonet and Cher. Urban Outfitters carries them small and in a variety of vintage shapes. If you’re looking for oval, you’ll love the Vintage Ceecee Oval Sunglasses (which are available online only). The wire frames allow you to keep looking smart while still staying cool.

Vintage Oval tiny sunglasses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters


Did you check out our article on best new sunglass styles last Summer? In the article, we showcased hot shades that built upon classic retro shapes. Building from there, our #1 favorite version of tiny sunglasses are streamlined cat eyes. George Keburia carries the exact perfect shape and size of kitten caboodles. They work to give your face an instant lift and highlight cheekbones. Not to mention the drawing-of-attention-to-lips factor.

Tiny sunglasses | cat eye frames | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sincerely, Tommy
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Colored Lenses

Color has an effect on our moods and feelings. Need a pick-me-up? Go for yellow lenses which gives you a positive boost (especially on a cloudy day!). Sporting tiny sunglasses with colored lenses helps with sensory overload. Check out Holistic Evolution’s blog article for an interesting study on how different colored lenses affect your mood. They found that red lenses help promote healthy sleep and violet lenses produce a calming effect. Super Zen.

Tiny sunglasses with purple lenses | Girlfriend is Better
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Make a Spectacle

One thing this trend is not short of is attitude. Tiny sunglasses are for super confident people who are comfortable asserting themselves. Not for the timid or gun-shy types! If this sounds like you, then give them a try and let us know what you think!

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  1. Colour and pattern is on the menu for Spring. Playful shades, whimsical hues.It’s time to embrace lightness and whimsy. Time to let smiles come through from the eyes, which are more visible with teeny specs

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