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Best sunglasses picks for summer | Girlfriend is Better

The sun is shining and I feel fine! We made it through the long haul and now it’s time to loosen up and have some fun! Sunglasses this year are bigger and better than ever. Vintage styles are queen of the eye candy castle and there are so many amazing styles to choose from! Take a gander at these here sunnies and pick the face-framing pair that best suits your unique personality.

Best sunglasses for summer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Christopher Fenner via Hunger

Trust Fund Baby Aviators

Nothing says “my daddy takes good care of me” more than a sleek set of aviators. Aviator sunglasses are trending in a rainbow of soft pastel colors. They look especially amazing paired with one of our favorite all white outfits and simple sandals. They also work nicely in the late spring, when we’ve still got some cloud cover to deal with. Just be sure to keep your cool attitude and remember “aloof” really just means “shy”.

Green aviator sunglasses for summer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Free People

Cat Eyes, Meow

Going polar opposite into hipster territory requires a new take on the traditional cat eye. Cat eye sunglasses are generally done in rock-a-billy fashion, but updated versions of the shape work well for the girl-next-door type. Cat eyes are meant for prowling around coffee shops and record stores, didn’t ya’ know? If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, we’ve got the perfect travel guide for you and your kitty cat eyes. Check it out! It’s our most popular stop here at Girlfriend.

Cat eye sunglasses with a hipster twist | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Oyster Mag

Rave Shades

Along with most of today’s rave fashion, shields are here to stay. Wide sunglasses that take up half of your face are the perfect addition to beach counter culture. Surf’s up and you’ve gotta block that sun majorly when you’re on a good one. Shields go best with a tomboy look complete with sidewinders and ink, if you dare. Maybe just don’t get in the water.

Shields are perfect sunglasses for the beach | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Fashion Gone Rogue
Music Alert! Are you a beach raver in need of a soundtrack? Oh, here ya’ go – Julio Govor & TMZ at your service.
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Round and Round

If you’re stuck on festivals and can’t get off the 60’s, then start looking at round lenses. Hippie sunglasses are in “go big or go home” fashion, so make sure your face can handle it! Round eyes look more retro with thick frames and are more Bohemian in wire. This style is huge right now and makes girls look street-smart, which is a highly underrated type of intelligence.

Round eye sunglasses are big this summer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: girlythatsclassy via Tumblr

Rectangle in Royal Fashion

For bloggers and street style divas, sleek rectangular shapes are taking the cake. Rectangle sunglasses work best on round faces and can add length to a shorter mug. In addition, tortoise shell frames bring the style up a notch and give some much-needed class. Not for squares, the wider shape projects confidence and fashion know-how.

Rectangle sunglasses work best on round face shapes | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Riches for Rags

Matrix Mirrors

Finally, rounding our the girl gang collection are sunnies of the uber-mirrored variety. Take a cue from Sci-Fi heaven and sport mirrored sunglasses in bright colors. Anyone entranced by space or mind-expansion can reflect the world back on itself and still come out fine. Be the heroine of your own evil 5th dimension plot and be sure to look the part! If we’re all in our heads, we might as well have something interesting going on in there.

Mirrored sunglasses in bright hues | Girlfriend is Better
Gilrfriend: Olivia Palermo | Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

Time to Update Your Sunglasses

If you’ve been sporting the same pair of spectacles for over two years, it might be time for a change. Honestly, accessories like sunglasses are the best way to rock a trend affordably. Take a look at the assortment offered by Free People and you will be tickled pink! Only $20 a pair and all of the shapes and styles we mentioned, plus more! So, now the question is just what image you want to portray? Don’t stick to our stereotypes! It’s a thousand times more fun to make up your own.  Whatever you decide, make sure they fit your face shape and are something different than what you usually do.

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