Shower Curtains Under $50: What’s Your Style?

Best shower curtains under $50 | Bohemian decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Spring cleaning time is around the corner and February is the best time to get a head start. Focus on your bathroom this month while everything is on sale! We found gorgeous shower curtains under $50 for our 5 favorite decor styles. Fabric curtains should be washed regularly and can last a year or more. To help remove stains, use a small amount of detergent with a half-cup of vinegar or bleach (not both). We like doubling up less-expensive vinyl liners to help extend the life of our more costly fabric curtains. Liners can be replaced more frequently and battle mold and mildew better as well.

Shower curtains under $50 | Mid-century modern fringe | Girlfriend is Better
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Bohemian Shower Curtains

If your decor is warm and earthy Bohemian, you should add some Jungalow fever to your bathroom. Big prints work great in small spaces, take a look at our focus on wallpaperin bathrooms and put the same principles to work!  Shower curtains with bright botanical prints are the perfect way to add more plant craziness into your home. Urban Outfitters carries this Dreamy Jungle Shower Curtain for only $39. It’s machine washable and comes in the standard 72 x 72 size. Also perfect for busy girls and black thumbs!

Shower curtains under $50 | Bohemian botanical jungalow | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters

French Country

If your style is French country, then you probably relish in the little details. Print mixing with florals is always a good idea. Shower curtains with cheery polka dots give your bathroom a little “oh la la”! This Kate Spade New York Deco Dot shower curtain for $49.99 is just what we had in mind. It’s 100% cotton and comes in the standard 72 x 72 size. Add a fresh bouquet by your sink and pretty up your pout. Start adding French vocabulary to your repertoire. “I suppose you think I’m very brazen or très fou or something” (Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

Kate Spade polka dot shower curtains under $50 | French country decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern bathrooms usually place most of the focus on tile. Not ready to do a home improvement project just yet? Add some mid-mod flair to your space easy with shower curtains in retro prints. Urban Outfitter’s Peaches Shower Curtain is $39 and makes us think of pinups and pie. Who can argue with that? It also boasts a 100% cotton fabric that is machine washable in the standard 72 x 72 size. We love the bright pop of orange color, especially in a small space or combined with natural woods.  Add some geometry with our favorite hexagon ideas or one of our favorite geometric mirrors.  The smallest details can make a huge impact and doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Shower curtains under $50 | Mid-century modern peach print | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters

Get Creative

For you creative DIY types, Shutterfly has a great way to add your own art to your bathroom. For creative types (or parents of creative kids), we loved this idea of personalizing shower curtains with art. Upload your own design and get 40% off with code SAVE40- only until Wednesday! The curtains are in 100% woven polyester and measures 70 x 70. They are normally $79.99, so this is a great deal to take advantage of while it’s available. Adding your child’s art can be great Feng Shui and definitely promotes healthy self-esteem. Always encourage children to express their creativity!

Shower curtains under $50 | Creative DIY | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Meghan McNeer via Domino


Keep the coziness going! We love Hygge decor and its enjoyment of simple pleasures. Shower curtains can add a little Hygge to your bathroom with prints in simple florals or botanicals. IKEA’s Rosenfibbla Shower Curtain is $9.99 and has a nice botanical print that is easy on the eyes. Not bad for a 71 x 71 curtain that boasts a densely-woven polyester fabric with water-repellent coating. Hygge is all about keeping it simple and going easy on your pocketbook.

Shower curtains under $50 | Hygge decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: IKEA

Spruce Up Your Space

A fresh bathroom does more than just lift your spirits. Keeping your shower curtains fresh and clean helps prevent allergies and colds. It pays to do a little updating in a space that should be the cleanest in your house. Add a little personality and some cheeriness to help you start and end your day off right.

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