Geometric Mirrors: Don’t Be a Square, Man!

Geometric mirrors | Triangle mid-century modern bathroom | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Tudo Orna

If you have a love for mid-century modern design, then you can appreciate amoebic shapes and clean lines. We’ve been going gaga for geometric mirrors that step outside of the usual square box. One of the easiest ways to add some energy to your space is with a mirror. Be sure it reflects something beautiful, because it doubles the view! Check out our favorite finds and see yourself in a different way.

Round geometric mirrors | Mid-century modern | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Glitter Guide

Geometric Mirrors on the Wall

One of the best modern mirror styles has no particular shape. Rounded corners and unusual angles make geometric mirrors the most charming. We love the atomic style seen in new, updated ways. Use these mirrors in pairs and feel free to stagger them in different sizes. They make a bigger impact that way.

Geometric mirrors | Atomic style bathroom vanity | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Alex Profit

Vintage Vanities

Vintage vanities from the 50’s are especially likely to boast fun shapes and interesting angles. Perk up a guest bedroom by adding a vanity with geometric mirrors and cheery paint colors. Be sure to check out our article on interesting paint ideas for furniture. You can do paint-dipped styles, or just drawer fronts to upcycle a salvaged find into a one-of-a-kind piece!

Vintage pink vanity with geometric mirrors | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Heart Handmade UK

Round is Almost Too Easy

One of the most popular mirror styles right now involves a circular motion. Round geometric mirrors look especially beautiful against ornate wallpaper patterns. You can get some more examples of this in our Bathroom Beauties article. Urban Outfitters has an affordable selection of circular beauties, if you’re up for some easy shopping. Round mirrors look particularly pretty with simple frames, or no frame at all! The clean shape gives a romantic space a little bit more of a modern feel. Keep the look fresh with rounded light sconces and brass fixtures.

Round geometric mirrors and pretty bathroom wallpaper | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: SF Girl by Bay

Opposites Attract

Another option is to take the opposite approach. Warm up an otherwise stark, modern space with a Southern-style vintage geometric mirror. Find mirrors with large ornate frames in wood or gold and place in a powder room or entryway. Anthropologie carries a large selection of decorative mirrors in all shapes and sizes. The detailing on the frames are beautiful!

Vintage Southern geometric mirrors warm up a modern powder room | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living

Italian Brass Has Class

Another fun shape comes from our favorite country of Italy. The beautiful, brass-framed geometric mirrors are curvy and sexy, just like their women! Victoria Smith did a beautiful job highlighting these f.a.33 mirrors on her blog, SF Girl by Bay. Be sure to check it out for more examples. We were smitten by the vintage beauties in her post! Hang one large mirror for maximum impact, or place two in a room that lies in the Relationships center of your home.

Vintage Italian f.a.33 geometric mirror with brass frame | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: charlie forever via SF Girl by Bay

Hefty Hexagons

Do you catch our article on hexagons earlier this year? These six-sided geometric mirrors have been all the rage and are pretty easy to find online. World Market has a fun Brass Metal Hexagon Mirror Panel that takes the guesswork out of staggering mirrors into a collage. We love this contemporary look behind hanging kokedama, especially! Just be sure that you don’t use this type of mirror as an entryway or hallway mirror. It’s not good Feng Shui to see yourself broken in pieces, so to speak. They look great as part of a collage on a wall or as a stand-alone piece in the bathroom. Most of these beauties are frames in brass these days and give any space instant modern style.

Hexagon geometric mirrors | Mid-century modern bathroom | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

Keep Your Space Interesting!

Updating your space with interesting objects adds character and personality. Think about adding some interesting lines or curves with modern or vintage geometric mirrors. Keep light fixtures simple and let you mirror be the statement piece. It’s strange how looking at your reflection in a unique frame allows you to see yourself differently, too. You might just like this version of yourself a little better than the ole’ square or rectangle promotes.

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  1. My sister just moved into her new apartment and she wants to have nice looking mirrors to make the place look spacious. It was explained here that geometric mirrors are charming. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted shops when considering having a geometric wall mirror.

  2. My brother has a mid-century modern design house. I think a geometric mirror on the wall would bring out the best in his bathroom. Thanks for adding that a vintage vanity can help perk up his daughter’s room so I might look for those online and see what I can find.

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