Hygge Tablescapes Are Simple + Elegant

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The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”. Bring a little bit of Mother Nature’s cheer indoors with simple hygge tablescapes. Take the less-is-more approach and give yourself something to gather on a nature walk. You’ll feel uplifted and at peace with a few easy touches.

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Hygge Tablescapes—No Fuss

The art of hygge is to slow things down and focus on the mediative qualities of your day. A sprig of baby’s breath can instantly make your hygge tablescapes complete. Even if you’re having afternoon tea or coffee alone, think about how you can set things up thoughtfully. Use fun china and create your own dream cafe feel.

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All That Glistens

Take a look at our article on vintage amber glassware and add golden tones to your table. Hygge tablescapes are a mixture of natural decor and vintage collectibles. Get outside during sunny days and collect a handful of wildflowers during your walk. You can display them in a vase or even separate sprigs into a pretty but spare bouquet. Place a few into an amber bottle and let your table glisten in the sunlight.

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Shadow Play

Another idea is to place your table next to a window and harness the magic of light. Shadows and glistening glass add extra dimension to hygge tablescapes. Create a cozy nook in your dining space next to a window with a dreamy view outside. If you are using caned chairs, the light can peek through the holes in the backrest as well.

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You Can Never Have Too Many Candlesticks

Another essential for any hygge hostess is candlesticks. Stagger candlesticks and tapers with a variety of heights to give your hygge tablescapes some dimension. Outdoor tablescapes are simply dreamy any time of the year. Find the prettiest spot in your back yard and hang a starburst mirrors to help reflect light. Take a look at mirror Feng Shui guidelines and apply them outside as well.

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Use The Wood Element

Another trick is to use the wood element to add uplifting vibes. Hygge tablescapes use wood and natural colors which promotes upward growth. Wood trays, natural tabletops, and a few sprigs from nature all harness the positive powers of Feng Shui. While you never to carefully balance the other Feng Shui elements, wood is something you can incorporate as much as you’d like.

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Hygge + Minimalism

You will love the warming effects of hygge if you are a minimalist at heart. Cool and contemporary kitchen decor styles become instantly homey with a few sprigs from outside. You aren’t even stuck with flowers! A few leafy branches can be just as dramatic or impactful. Mix cool stones with warm herringbone wood floors and brass or gold accents. This creates a comfortable balance is is 1K times more inviting.

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Acknowledge a Moment

Hygge is a lifestyle—not a decor trend. However you decide to create your hygge tablescapes, the focus should be on the moment at hand. Whether alone or with friends, you can relish in hygge by acknowledging the peace or joy that you are experiencing. Call it out with gratitude and try to adopt more of these moments into a simple way of life.

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