Mirror Feng Shui: Enhance Home Energy

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It might be a good time to think about chi since we’re spending most of our time at home these days. You can use mirror Feng Shui to attract positive vibes to any aspect of your life. Mirror energy is quite powerful, so it’s important to use the following tips to ensure you get it right.

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Mirror Feng Shui 101

If you’re new to this ancient Chinese art, be sure to read our Feng Shui overview article and learn more about how to use the bagua. After you have decided on the area in your life you would like to enhance, add a little mirror Feng Shui to the mix. You can use mirrors of any size or shape (we prefer geometric). Mirrors double the energy of whatever they reflect so they are terrific around Feng Shui-friendly houseplants.

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Don’t Crop Body Parts

Mirrors help light up dark spaces and activate a stagnant room. Use mirror Feng Shui in any area of your home where you would like the energy amplified or activated. Use a mirror in a bedroom on a side wall to help it appear larger. Also, make sure you can see your entire body, head-to-toe. Your image reflected back to you sends a powerful message about how you see yourself.

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Activate Positive Energy

Another good way to use a mirror is through activation. Use mirror Feng Shui to bring in natural light and activate positive energy. Place a mirror in a corner that contains your favorite poetry books or bookshelves. It will help reduce stagnation in a forgotten corner or nook.

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Push Away Negativity

The converse is also true. You can also use mirror Feng Shui to push away negative energy. Mirrors fall into a category of multitaskers because they can be used both ways. For example, imagine you move into an apartment with a window that overlooks something you perceive to be negative. You can’t change the view but you can hang a mirror in the window to reflect that energy back.

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Bedroom Fixes

Be careful when placing mirrors in a bedroom. Use mirror Feng Shui sparingly in places that should be restful. However, there are a couple of quick fixes if you do have a mirror in your bedroom. Cover all mirrors with a scarf before going to bed. Hide mirrored closets with curtains. Place smaller mirrors in the closet at nighttime. This ensure your dreams won’t be amplified. Additionally, illnesses won’t be magnified.

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Proper Circulation

Bathrooms are also a great place to circulate energy. Mirror Feng Shui is essential in bathrooms because they place a drain on your life. Enhance any area of the bagua that contains a bathroom with a mirror or two. Energy will be activated and stimulated upwards instead of down into the drain. Hang an ample mirror above a vintage bathroom sink to keep positive energy away from the toilet. Make sure it reflects a pretty new shower curtain for extra points!

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Stay Positive

Another good practice is to keep your mirrors clean and in good condition. Spotted or dirty mirrors can have a poor effect on your outlook in life. Use mirrors to hang daily affirmations or to double the beauty in your home. You will fell more positive and energized with these few simple tips.

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