Bookshelves Should Live in Every Household

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You don’t have to be an avid reader to have a loving collection of books.  Bookshelves will remain one of our favorite home decor furnishings—even in this digital age.  They add tons of character to any space and every homeowner is entitled to at least one.

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Bookshelves For Home Libraries

Take stock of your space.  Do you have an unused room that a few bookshelves could transform into a library?  Floor-to-ceiling shelving and a comfortable wingback chair will encourage you to sit down and recharge.  Take a look at our article on open shelving for more ideas on creating a library that will be easy to move.

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Easy Organization

Everyone has a junk drawer.  Simple vintage bookshelves are useful in similar ways and should also stay just as organized.  Create a lovely vignette with some of your favorite books and other collectibles. (Fat Lava glazed pottery? Glass decanters?) Use baskets to keep items contained and maximize your use of shelf space.

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In The Kitchen

Kitchen shelving is also perfect for keeping cookbooks handy.  Transform ordinary kitchen storage into bookshelves that make entertaining easy.  Our latest article on hosting with hygge has some helpful tips on items to keep readily available.  A little treasure trove of cozy fundamentals will make guests feel warm and welcome.

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Vintage Beauties

Sometimes the right piece of furniture can make a huge statement in your decor.  Mid-century modern bookshelves use geometric shapes and lines to create interest.  A portrait of a random person or bust statue will look right at home among your latest reads.  Play with height and shape to style a one-of-a-kind focal point.

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Double Your Storage

Got a favorite space to sit and relax?  Use bookshelves in place of end tables and maximize your storage space.  An open-ended shelf that is shorter than waist-high looks lovely in a kitchen or entryway.  In the kitchen, it can double as a display for dishware collectibles and pottery pieces.

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Upcycle With Paint

Consider upcycling an older piece of furniture with a snazzy coat of paint.  Vintage bookshelves get new life from interesting paint choices.  Try seafoam green, red, or hot pink and liven up an unexpected corner.  Add a Feng Shui-approved houseplant (like monstera deliciosa or rubber plants) for an excellent chi factor.

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Books Are Here To Stay

Your home should contain at least one good bookshelf regardless of your minimalist or maximalist tendencies.  We love bookshelves because of their ability to store things neatly while keeping books a part of your lifestyle.  Tablet users will still benefit from a quick trip to a used bookstore for a classic novel that is begging for dog ears.

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