West German Vases aka Fat Lava Pottery

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Sculptures and pottery have become increasingly popular fundamentals to Bohemian decor. Consider adding West German vases to your stash of collectibles. Their unique shapes and painterly qualities will quickly add to the sentimental value as well.

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West German Vases 411

First and foremost, you should know some fundamental principles of buying ceramics. The height of West German vases can add drama while the thick pottery style creates a sense of substance. Be sure to measure shelves before purchasing vases and remember flowers should never exceed twice the height of their container.

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Group Them Together

As you start to form your collection, look at color and pattern style that match or flow together. Create an earthy vignette with West German vases that are grouped in varying heights. This gives a space some extra dimension and the added benefit of some earth element stability.

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Fat Lava Pottery

Some of the best decor items for Bohemian spaces hail from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Most West German vases created during this time were in the unmistakable Fat Lava style. The Fat Lava glaze gives the pottery a tactile quality and was usually done in red.

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Value Proposition

When calculating the value of these collectibles, there are a few key components to look for. West German vases with complex designs are usually hand thrown, which makes them more rare. In addition, blue pottery or pieces with fine ridges or handles are desirable as they would have been harder to keep in tact over the years. The easiest way to identify pottery is to check the marks on the base.

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Noteworthy Studios

Some of the noteworthy studios from the post-war decades produced these ceramics with a combination of quality and striking designs. Two of the most sought after studios producing West German vases are Ceramano and Ruscha. One of the largest manufacturers is Scheurich and ES Keramik isn’t as well marked but also has a strong reputation.

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The Bold + The Beautiful

This striking pottery style is not for the faint-of-heart! West German vases are famed for their bold, bright colors set against a black pumice glaze. They are terrific additions to a mid-century console or amid Bohemian eclectic decor. If you’re on a bit of a budget, these gorgeous collectibles certainly wont break the bank. They add instant character to any living space.

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More Info

Check out ebtd’s website for more details and a beautiful collection to purchase from. We love West German vases because of the history and location they were built from. Look for pieces that are unique in color, shape, and style. If one in particular speaks to you, go for it!

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