Painting Murals The Easy Way: Tips + Tricks

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Get in touch with your inner artist if you are bored and need a home project. We have a few handy tips that will put painting murals in the realm of reality for you. Check out our favorite styles and get ready to go bold with an easy can of paint.

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Painting Murals Like a Maximalist

Don’t worry if you don’t have much of a budget for fancy wallpaper tricks. A Bohemian eclectic maximalist should have no trouble painting murals that are big on color and design. You can create your own abstract shapes and then do the old paint-by-number trick. The tip here is to use a complementary color palette of 3 colors. Split the cans and add a little white until you get a few shades of each color. Voila! Coordinated.

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Start Small

Another good idea for the gun-shy is to go big on a small space. Try your hand at painting murals on doors or in walk-in closets. Once you get the hang of it and start to feel a little more confident, you can move to a more public or larger space. Abstract art is more about color and shape than it is about perfect line work. Adding curves to a space also is a good way to implement the Feng Shui water element to an area that needs better momentum. (Like your Creativity center?)

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She’s Tricky

We promised you some tricks and that means using a projector. Projectors are any humble artists’ best friend when it comes to painting murals. Simply select a simple graphic or Illustrator vector to project onto the wall of your choice. Trace in pencil and then paint inside using artist brushes. Opt for acrylic paint that washes off of brushes easily. Add this project to our staycation activity list!

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Lovely Outlines

Also, consider using some restraint now that you’ve got the idea for how to trace an outline. There is something to be said for taking the less-is-more approach when painting murals. An intricate white pattern looks lovely on dark wall paint and is a terrific stand in for displaying art. You can also use chalkboard paint and then change the design at your leisure.

painting murals | chalkboard paint outline hand painted DIY florals dark wall | Girlfriend is Better
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

One of the most popular designs we see is the trusty old rainbow. Rainbows make painting murals that might otherwise seem difficult a realistic possibility. Check out this easy rainbow mural DIY and see how a tack and a piece of yarn work together to make those lovely arches. Painter’s tape is also an essential ingredient for any wall mural. Depending on your project, it might make sense to keep a few rolls on hand.

Focus on Color

Although we’ve already touched on the importance of color, it is an essential ingredient for any type of color blocking. Painting murals that are basic in shape work like magic in nooks and crannies. This gives the mural a 3-dimensional effect and makes the architecture work on your behalf. Squares don’t have to be so square.

painting murals | color blocking bedroom wall paint abstract art | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style by Emily Henderson

Paint Your Wagon

Having a project when you’re stuck at home is just good mental therapy. Busying yourself painting murals will occupy your mind and your hands. When you step back to admire the final project you can congratulate yourself with a sense of completion. It’s your space—have fun with it!

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  1. Please tell me more about the projector. What type? Is there a projector app Or how do I get my outline on to the projector?

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