Sustainable Kitchen Products Help Your Budget + The Earth

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Conservation makes sense on multiple levels. Use sustainable kitchen products with a zero waste mentality. The old adage, “waste not; want not” conserves budget dollars for better things and is friendlier to Mother Earth. We live on a beautiful planet and we should exercise our stewardship with thought and care.

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Sustainable Kitchen Products DIY

We are in the middle of Spring cleaning season and the kitchen is a great place to start. Consider making a few sustainable kitchen products before you add cleaning supplies to your next grocery list. Learn about the many uses of castile soap and make a few DIY sponges with twine from the dollar store. Simply wash them on the top rack of your dishwasher and reuse again and again. This is also a great staycation creative activity with a useful end result.

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Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic does not break down quickly and plastic pollution is toxic to humans and animals. Reduce your plastic as much as possible by using sustainable kitchen products instead. We love creative alternatives like dishwashing bars which use minimal paper packaging and sit on a bamboo soap shelf. A large (22.5 oz.) dishwashing bar can last up to 9 months and can be used for clean-duty all around your home.

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Bread Bags

Anyone baking bread lately? Proper storage will ensure your tasty loaves last as long as possible. Add linen to your arsenal of sustainable kitchen products. Linen is moisture-wicking and helps bread keep from getting stale. A linen bread bag is machine washable and can also be the perfect gift for bread-bakers or bakery regulars. Keep them handy on kitchen utility hooks next to an apron or two.

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Change Your Habits

Living a zero waste lifestyle takes a little thought and a concerted effort to change. Using sustainable kitchen products and minimizing food waste keeps you in a budget-friendly mindset as well. Try planning out your meals for the week, save veggie scraps to make broth, start a garden (use compost!), and opt for the local farmer’s market. Continue to cut plastic by purchasing kitchenware in wood and shop with reusable bags in tow.

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DIY Kitchen Wipes

Instead of using rolls of paper towels, try this handy DIY kitchen wipes tutorial instead. Trading in paper for sustainable kitchen products that you can make at home is smart and rewarding. Paper towels feel like an easy go-to when wiping up spills. Stock your kitchen drawer with a slew of dishcloths and you will surprise yourself with how much paper you end up saving.

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Make Bulk Food Your Friend

Shopping in bulk food stores can be a little daunting at first. Learning proper storage techniques and using sustainable kitchen products will make bulk foods your new best friend. Spices bought in bulk tend to be much fresher and and they are often organic, which makes them healthier, too. Store them in 4oz. glass jars and label them accordingly. We like this idea for tying a paper tag around the screw-top ring. Display them on your organized kitchen shelving or open shelving but be sure they aren’t stored in direct light.

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Cut Costs

Creating an eco-friendly kitchen environment helps keep plastic away from our landfills and add extra dollars to your bank account. Using sustainable kitchen products is the first step towards being zero-waste on a budget. Invest in products that will last a lifetime instead of purchasing disposable minimal-use items. Replace items gradually as they run out with environmentally friendly versions. You’ll get there quicker than you think and the next generation will thank you for it.

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