Graphic Tile: The Bold + The Beautiful

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Feeling bored of your monochromatic, white-on-white home decor? Adding graphic tile to a small space does a lot to punch up the look and a little goes a long way! Take a look at some of our fresh and quirky tile design ideas. Think about a room that could use a big dose of personality and go for it! Whether your style is minimal or maximum, there’s sure to be something here in your flavor.

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Make a Mess With Graphic Tile

Gone are the days of boring old squares and rectangles. Graphic tile in a mosaic pattern looks absolutely gorgeous and works with retro decor. Our favorite flooring tile is terrazzo. Terrazzo is a mixture of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material broken into chips. It looks gorgeous and is super versatile. It is one of the most durable flooring types on the market and is in some of today’s trendiest hotels. (Think Ace, Soho House, and Kava Cafe.) You can have it made into individual tiles, or have it mixed and poured on site. Bellissimo!

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Hipster Alert

Another way to freshen up space is with a small, repetitive print. Get a total hipster vibe going with graphic tile arranged in small triangles. This is a great way to freshen up a stark white bathroom. You can go big with a rainbow of color or keep it classic in black and grey. Kelly Wearstler designs has a great collection going for Ann Saks. Take a look and add a little extra cool to a mid-century modern overhaul.

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Get Creative in the Kitchen

Kitchen creativity doesn’t have to focus only on food. Use graphic tile in big, bold patterns that double as artwork. If you love open shelving, consider adding some personality to the display. A few geometric tiles can go a long way as a backsplash. Also, it helps to give your collection of dishware and knick knacks a focal point. Girlfriend-approved!

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Southwestern Print

Did you catch our latest fashion fave the Southwestern print? We are digging it in accessories, textiles, and home decor. Implement Aztec designs with graphic tile in desert hues. Deborha Szidon used Fireclay Tile and customized the print to create Southwestern charm in a bathroom. Fantastic! All you need is a Feng-Shui-appropriate plant or a smidgen of brass or gold. Tiles made from earth-based elements also stabilize the energy in a center where your life needs a little extra grounding.

graphic tile | handpainted custom bathroom Southwestern print | Girlfriend is Better
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Go For The Glam!

You can also get away with busy prints by using them sparingly. Glam up a bathroom with bold, Spanish-style graphic tile on a backsplash or side wall. Add a cheery sculpted bath towel (or two) from World Market and change up the linens when you get bored. A classic black-and-white tile has trouble ever going out of style. Take a look at our favorite shower curtains under $50 and transform the room while staying on budget!

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Terracotta has been around since the end of B.C. and used to be sun-dried. Today’s oven-fired terracotta graphic tile will last forever if the quality is there. It is very porous, so be sure to use a sealer to protect it. Check out Domus Group for their fully customizable selection of New Terracotta tiles. You can choose colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes on their easy product page. Try the blue scallops to add a splash of water element, or green triangles to enhance your Finance center. Perk up a wall instantly with a Bohemian vignette that evokes exotic tropical jungle vibes.

graphic tile | hand painted terracotta glazed green triangle kitchen backsplash | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Domus Group

Tile is The New Wallpaper

Tile can be used similar to wallpaper but has more of a lasting quality. A home should be a place that you upgrade as you go; graphic tile is the perfect type of detail to implement. The more of your personality that you put into your space, the better! Be fearless and make bold choices. We support you!

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