Caned Chairs Add Classic Elegance to Any Room

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Show off your vintage side! We have always loved caned chairs and found beautiful examples of how to incorporate them into your home. Take a look at these gorgeous interiors for inspiration. The decor is laid-back and simple with down-to-earth sensibility. Upgrade any room with traditional seating that will outlast trends.

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Warmth You Can Feel

This chair style is a classic accent to any modern dining room. Mix caned chairs with mid-century modern decor to create a more relaxed atmosphere. The open weave of this Bienville Cane Chair invites light into a room and creates additional warmth and coziness. Incorporate open shelving and macrame wall hangings to pull it all together!

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A Clean Slate

These chairs are perfect for homeowners still deciding on what style best fits their home. Caned chairs work well with many decor styles. They emanate a sense of comfort which is easily enhanced with color or texture. There are many weave styles to choose from which makes them very versatile. For example, Cane Back Randall Armchair is darker and creates a nice balance in a light room. Find a chair you love and create a cozy nook. A chair and ottoman topped with your favorite blankets or cushions is a surefire hit.

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Enjoy the Sunlight

Do you have a bare porch or a lonely backyard patio? Add some life and some leisure to those bare areas with caned chairs! Being made of wood, they resonate well with the natural foliage one would find outdoors. Rattan or bamboo chairs also stand up against any type of weather that modern furniture pieces don’t offer. They are extremely easy to repair and if worse comes to worst they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to replace.

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As Simple as You Want

Sometimes less is more especially if minimalism appeals to you. The appeal of caned chairs is their simplicity and versatility. They work well with white and rooms that are heavy with the metal element. Flawlessly blend contemporary and classic by incorporating the wood element. The open weave keeps the atmospehere light and fresh whithout getting too stark.

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Relaxation is a key factor in someone looking into adding this seat style into their home. You can make caned chairs more comfortable by adding seat cushions. Use our guide for reupholstering furniture to update cushion covers easy. The chairs are naturally laid back but sometimes benefit from a little extra padding.

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Stay a While

They also compliment the more tropical-themed decor. Pair caned chairs with island accents to bring the feeling of vacation indoors. This Cane Gunnar Chair will definitely do the trick. Add a few accents in green and tropical plants, you can turn your home to the perfect staycation resort. Warm shades and cool tones both resonate well with these chairs, so you’re never stuck with one color palette.

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Comfortable and Stylish

Looking into a more relaxed atmosphere for your home? Caned chairs are definitely a standout piece of furniture. They bring the feeling of relaxing by the beach into your home due to their light and airy designs. Invite warmth into your home with their wood tones and easy vintage vibes.

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