Mexican Blankets: Versatile for All Seasons

Mexican blankets perfect for travel | Girlfriend is Better
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Years ago I went to Tijuana and bought a black and grey Mexican blanket as a souvenir. Guess what’s on my sofa right now?  I don’t really save or keep things, so for this guy to make the cut through endless clean-outs is a miracle in itself. Mexican blankets have been with me through college, married years, and I still snuggle up to one during my single mom years!

Mexican blankets home decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Gunn and Swain

Soft + Durable

What is it about Mexican blankets that give them such staying power? Don’t be fooled by their initial rough exterior – after one wash they are instantly soft.  Each wash just makes the yarn softer so not only are they durable, they’re cozy too.  They’re thin and easy to pack – I used to keep one in the trunk of my car for spontaneous beach days.  They make great blankets for picnicking too.

Mexican blankets for road trips | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Gunn and Swain

Light and Great For Layering

So now I have more than one blanket and another thing I love is their ability to work with any season.  Add one as a warm layer in the winter, or use it as a light blanket in the summer.  I wrap up in my blanket from T.J. when I watch movies, or I bundle it up and use it as a pillow. There is another one on my bed which is great for naps or just adds a little extra warmth at night.  Total security blankets!

Mexican blankets Bohemian bedding
Photo courtesy: Magic Dream Life

Use Mexican Blankets as Fabric

If you have a few fun, bright ones, you can use them to cover a boring sofa. Add a gorgeous vintage Moroccan rug and you have instant Bohemian delight.  I’ve also had friends use unwashed blankets as fabric. When they’re brand-spanking new, the threading is tight and durable, similar to burlap. One girlfriend used them as fabric covers for dining chairs and they are so charming!  Just give your favorites to an upholstery pro and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Reupholster chairs with Mexican blankets | Girlfriend is Better
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Love Them as Table Decor

Entertaining? Try using one as a tablecloth! As I mentioned, they wash up great and look so cute with succulents and solid dishware. You can fold one in half and use it as a runner, or just cover the whole table. The fringe on the blankets look very cute hanging down and covering table legs.

Mexican blankets as tablecloth | Bohemian tablescape idea | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Frank Vinyl
Bohemian table setting | Mexican blankets | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Gunn and Swain

Perfect in the Kids’ Room

I think Mexican blankets add the right amount of color to a child’s room as well. Use the fabric idea above and cover a window seat or bench. They just about cover a twin-sized bed and look great as a layer. If you keep the bedding mellow and top with a blanket, you can easily transform the look and feel by replacing with a different color or pattern.

Mexican blankets in children's room | Bedding or bench cover | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Frank Vinyl

Gunn & Swain: San Diego Local

Most of the blankets featured in this article are from Gunn & Swain. If you can’t get a trip in to Mexico soon enough, the online-order-option is a no-brainer. Owned by Dusty and Julia Wheeler, you can find more good ideas on their blog, or shop their Instagram as well. They design most of the blankets and then have them custom-made in Mexico.  Gorgeous household staples, at your service.  The holidays are almost upon us, so grab a few to give as last-minute gifts. I’ve seen Mexican blankets used as Christmas tree skirts as well. They work great alone or mixed with other colors. I’m telling you I could be here for days giving you ideas for these adaptable gems. If you have any other ideas yourself, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Just bought a Gunn + Swain and am loving it. Thanks for the advice on washing it. It is so soft now!

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