Teal: 6 Ways to Add Clarity + Balance to Your Home

Teal painted walls | French country bedroom | Girlfriend is Better
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In color psychology, shades of blue and green work to create emotional balance and stability. Start the new year with fresh shades of teal and turquoise. Your home will benefit from the soothing effects of this peaceful color in no time! We pulled together some of our favorite applications of the hue for inspiration.

Teal teardrop tiered chandelier | Girlfriend is better
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Teal Brings a Sense of Clarity

Stuck in a rut? Many times simplifying things in your life is the best medicine. Give your home decor a breath of fresh air easy with a coat of paint in teal. We love Benjamin Moore’s online guide to selecting paint.  So fun and easy!  In addition, take a look at our article on minimalism for more ideas and a great book to read. We do a quick review of Sarah Ban Breathnacht’s Simple Abundance. It contains a thoughtful essay on finding abundance in your life for each day of the year. I just finished it for last year and am starting it again! Upcycle a vintage find and go easy on your wallet.

Vintage kitchen chairs painted teal | French country decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Pair With Pink

Adding a splash of color is as easy as adding oversize art.  Take a look at this beautiful abstract gem, Between Dreams (by Hadden Spotts) from World Market.  It has beautiful gold swirls reminiscent of the land and sea.  Teal is also a color that promotes idealism and pairs perfectly with pink. There will always be a place in my heart for sofas in cool shades of green. Pink and green are easy to dress up with feminine touches of glam. Keep it eclectic with accents in natural woods and a conversation piece.

Oversize art in teal with pink and green living room | Mid-century modern decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Morning Meditations

The color of self-sufficiency also works wonderfully in bathrooms. Start your morning with a bathroom accented with teal as a way of pulling yourself together. You can go as big as a fresh coat of paint, or as easy as these Damask Towels from Anthropologie in aqua (currently on sale!).  Getting ready in the morning should always include a few moments of meditation. Check out our article on how to meditate and get in the habit for at least 5 minutes each day. You’ll find yourself taking on challenges like a pro!

Teal bathrooms start your morning right | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Fusion D.

Balance in the Bedroom

Another cost-effective way to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom is with pillow shams. Darker shades of teal create a sense of balance and look amazing paired with deep reds. These Corded Shams from Anthropologie are pretty much perfect!  The cotton cords add some extra texture and they are soft and sturdy 100% cotton.  Adding a little bit of luxury to your bedroom is especially nice if you’ve got a lot of vintage furniture.

Teal pillow shams with red quilt | Bohemian bedroom decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Albeli

Look Down

If you’re like me and have an obsession with flooring, a new rug might be in order. Since teal is a color of compassion, the dining area is a nice place to focus on. How many times have you sat at the table with a girlfriend and a cup of tea? The light blue-green color also works amazingly well with more masculine pieces of furniture.  This Noreena Rug in blue green from Anthropologie is beautifully woven.  Helpful hint – it’s important to rotate your rugs periodically so they wear evenly.  Have a little heart and spruce up this oft-neglected space.

Teal rug in mid-century modern dining room | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Suzanna Scott
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Creative Spaces

Tapping into your artistic side? Teal is also a color that promotes creativity, so feel free to use it in abundance if you’re an aspiring artist! Take over a hallway or entryway with this cool shade and let the light shine in! You might be surprised at what strikes you in your new visionary space.

Teal painted halls and pink rugs | Bohemian decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Bruno Suet

Settle Down

If you are worrying about money or the future, you should consider working a little color psychology into your home. Teal is both restorative and rejuvenating and will bring optimism back in to your life. I am a strong believer in our mind’s ability to form or destroy things, so it’s best to encourage the good! And sometimes, when things seem a little dark, all you need is a fresh splash of color to brighten things up. xox

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