Patterned Foliage Reduces Stress + Brightens Your Day

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Add a few plants to your home this month and help keep your environment stress-free.  We are smitten by the way patterned foliage spruces up our decor. If you’re venturing outside this weekend, make a stop at the local nursery priority number one!

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Polka Dot Patterned Foliage

Just like any textile, plants can add a sense of texture to any space.  Begonia Macualta is one of our favorite types of patterned foliage due to its dotted leaves.  The polka dot houseplant requires bright, indirect light. You can test the light by holding your hand a foot above a piece of paper.  If the outline is crisp without being in direct sunlight, that is the perfect little home.

patterned foliage | polka dot plants Begonia Macualta indirect light | Girlfriend is Better
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Paper White DIY

A Paper White Knight Philodendron is a rare type of plant with striking leaves.  You can add patterned foliage that looks as good as the real thing with easy DIYs.  Check out this fun project that requires only brush markers, a marker pen, and a colored pencil.  Perfect for crafty types that are cursed with a black thumb.

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Rubber Plants

Read our article on rubber plants and learn how easy they are to care for.  Rubber plants also come in varieties that boast beautiful, patterned foliage.  A Ficus Elastica Tineke likes humidity, so spray it regularly with a spray bottle.  Water moderately with lukewarm water during the growing season and keep out of direct sunlight.

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How to Water

Smaller tropical plants will brighten anyone’s day (and anyone’s environment!).  Most plants that have patterned foliage like indirect light and humid conditions.  For example, the Watermelon Peperomia prefers humid conditions but is prone to stem rot in soggy soil.  Water the plant deeply and be sure to use a pot that drains well. Check out our Feng Shui-approved houseplants and learn more watering tricks there.

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Sending Signals

Pink plants are also a fun way to add a little bit of color to your home.  A Philodendron Pink Princess gives spectacular color in addition to having patterned foliage.  Philodendrons are fairly easy to care for as long as you watch for the signals that indicate what it needs.  If several leaves begin to yellow at the same time, it may be getting too much light. Conversely, a plant with long and leggy stems that are spread several inches apart may not be getting enough light.  Droopy leaves indicate too much or too little water so be sure to allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings.

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Room to Grow

Houseplants can be strikingly beautiful and exotic and pink plants enhance the Relationship center, too.  Most plants that have patterned foliage tend to be tropical and enjoy a balanced fertilizer during their growing season.  Make sure to use well-draining houseplant soil and keep away from dry environments. A Stromanthe is similar to the Monstera Deliciosa in the fact that it can grow up to 2–3 feet in height and 1–2 feet across.  Be sure to give its leaves plenty of wiggle room!

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Stress Busters

Scientific fact! Poor air quality can lower your energy and mood.  Give yourself a boost by adopting a plant with patterned foliage.  Plants can knock out stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system.  Spending time around nature has a positive effect on anyone, so add a little to the place you live in most.

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  1. For many years I wore foliage patterned clothing. In the jungle it gave me much comfort when the enemy was looking for me 😉

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