Love + Relationships Attracted via Feng Shui

Pink mid-century modern chair perfect for love + relationships center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Romance is in the air and relationships are on our minds. Time to use a little Feng Shui magic to enhance the love you’ve got or attract some to your life! Your home should always be an inviting retreat where you feel secure and happy. Create a little love nest of your own in the rear right section of your home or any room.  Refer to our Feng Shui overview article if you need help getting started.  Also, check out the article where we show you how to use the bagua if you need help locating this section of your home.

Pink decor and items in pairs for love + relationships center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Rich in Love

Think about growing and nurturing life. The nutrients must be rich in the soil and sun and water should be apparent. Because of the nurturing aspect, the element for love and relationships is earth. Create a space that is full of earth-rich items and accentuate it with soft, lush fabrics.

Use earth elements for the love + relationships center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Think Pink

One of the nicest things about Feng Shui is that it gives you a color guide to help you with your decor. We all have things we love and colors we enjoy, but can get stuck deciding where to put it all! The colors for the love and relationships area are pink, peach, red, and white. The back right corner of your home is the ideal place for the master bedroom. Reds and pinks especially invite romance and passion, so add a couple of throw pillows or a colored fur.

Soft pinks enhance love + relationships center | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Use Items You Truly Love

Find the items in your home that you truly love or that promote happy, optimistic feelings in you. Fresh flowers, healthy plants and ceramic pottery are ideal in this center. Some other ideas for enhancing this area are:

  • Lamps with red shades or pink bulbs (pink bulbs are surprisingly lovely and effective)
  • Round mirrors, especially behind plants if  you want to double the energy
  • Objects placed in pairs (check out last week’s article on kokedama – perfect plants for hanging in this corner)
  • Artwork with two people, or images of romantic getaways
  • Any object or keepsake that represents love to you
Display objects you love in pairs | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Let it Go

In Feng Shui, there are items that drain these centers that should be adjusted or avoided.  For the love and relationships area, try to avoid keeping items from past relationships, or displaying images of loneliness. Fireplaces can signify instability in this center, so place a vase of fresh flowers on the mantle. As always, bathrooms in this area will indicate draining relationships. Be sure to keep toilet seats down and doors closed! Add a pink nightlight if you have one.

Bathroom fixes for love + relationships area | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Law of Attraction

Life will always be full of challenges. Having a strong support system or a fulfilling relationship will not only get you through the hard times, but can propel you to even greater heights.  Unhealthy or draining relationships should always be kept at bay. Attract things into your life that leave you feeling better or happier. Find love in experiences and nature as well, by creating a life and environment in which you can thrive.

How to enhance love + relationships center | Feng Shui decor guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Be Open to New Ideas

Part of a relationship is learning proper give and take. As you enhance this area of your home, keep your mind open to love in ways you may not have noticed in the past. The 5 Love Languages is a great method for understanding how people give and receive love differently. You might be missing simple gestures that hold greater significance. Learn how to identify the subtle signals of generosity and care in any relationship.

How to attract love + relationships mid-century modern decor | Feng Shui guide | Girlfriend is Better
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Pay it Forward

If you are enhancing this area, let us know what you did!  Use the comments section if you need advice or have any questions about the love and relationships area in your home.  Be sure to sign up on our email list to receive new articles directly to your inbox. We appreciate our loyal readers and will be sure to add promo codes and goodies here and there for you as we find them.

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