Midsummer Hygge Helps You Keep Your Cool

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Vacations are winding down and everyone is returning home for the last few weeks of Summer.  Step back and relax with easy midsummer hygge essentials that will carry you well into September.  The Scandanavian way of life promotes simplicity, gatherings, and inviting Mother Nature inside.

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Midsummer Hygge: Organization Tips

Take a look at our article on minimalism and you will quickly learn you are collecting too much stuff!  Use the principles of midsummer Hygge to encourage you to get organized.   This does not mean taking everything you have and somehow making it all fit.  It means creating a specific space and then selecting what you use most or can’t live without to be considered for the area available.  Donate the rest to someone who can use it.

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The Golden Hour

The season itself can inspire you to update a bedroom with golden sunshine colorWarm and inviting interiors are midsummer Hygge essentials.  Add a subtle nod to the sun using celestial decor items like sunburst mirrors or similar shimmering objects.  Bedrooms should be inviting and relaxing, so be sure to include a handful of books nearby.  Grab one of our favorite classic novels and give show-binging a rest for a few weeks.

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Speaking of the golden hour.. this will put you in the right frame of mind.

Light Cooking

Think of creative ways to display cutting boards and cast iron skilletsThis is no time to turn on the oven!  Midsummer Hygge cooking should be just as enjoyable as the food itself.  Keep cookware at hand and use the season’s fresh fruits and vegetables as your source of inspiration. 

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

As you learn more about Hygge, think about being more sociable and open.  Warm weather and simple gatherings make midsummer Hygge a breeze on the hostess.  Invite a neighbor over for a late breakfast or afternoon tea.  Include them in the prep work and make the conversation the highlight of the day.

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Bring Nature In

Nature is a helpful friend when you are looking for quick and affordable ways to freshen up your space.  Take a midsummer Hygge stroll down a neighborhood path and pick a stem or two along your way. An outdoor walk can be a meditative experience and you can get love from more than just people, dear.  Display wildflowers or a few choice beauties from your garden to form a beautiful tablescape that costs nothing.

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Happy Plants/ Happy You

If you’ve been away, take an inventory of the plant life in your home.  The best way to infuse midsummer Hygge into your atmosphere is with greenery.  Read up on the best houseplants for Feng Shui and replace any plants that are not thriving.  Some of our Feng Shui favorites are Monstera Deliciosa, rubber plants, and fiddle leaf figs.  Learn how to care for them and keep them healthy.  You will instantly feel a sense of peace and harmony when you walk into a room with well-cared for stems and leaves.

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Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Things can start to feel hectic as Fall approaches but you can receive the new energy with grace.  Pair your day down to the essentials and let midsummer Hygge be your guide. Light a few candles and start an early bedtime routine.  You will reap the benefits in the morning.  Take advantage of all of the warmth and sunshine available while you’ve got it!

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