Candlesticks: Countryside Comfort + More

Candlesticks | Bohemian kitchen natural wood cabinets | Girlfriend is Better

Sometimes a room can gain so much from something so small. Candlesticks bestow a room with mood and atmosphere. This atmosphere is easily adjusted through placement and use. Additionally, these candles give a dull room undeniable personality with their versatility.

Candlesticks | Wood tones | Girlfriend is Better
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Mellow Charm

These candles let a room adopt a charming vibe. Candlesticks add a charming simplicity into your home. Their color and design don’t serve to overwhelm any item within a room. However, depending on what they’re held in, candles create an alluring contrast with elegant brass holders. (Although, the mood within the room quickly shifts when the candles are lit.)

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Dancing Lights

Candles add warmth into any room when lit. Candlesticks fill a room with a sense of passion as they radiate a warm flickering light. However, this tone is thwarted by other strong light sources. Keep the lights low and enjoy the gentle light. Your eyes will probably appreciate a break from artificial light.

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Favorite Foliage

Lush foliage gives a natural bohemian vibe. Together candlesticks and green foliage such as monstera deliciosa add the comfort of the countryside to your home. The simplicity of candles resonates well with the cool greens of foliage. You can further accent this natural combbination with warm tones and wooden furniture.

Candlesticks | Wooden kitchen | Girlfriend is Better
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Parisian Minimalist

These candles create crisp and simple rooms. Candlesticks fit well with a minimalist style of interior decorating. Extended furniture works well these candles. For instance, pair them with long-stalked plants. Create a whimsical Parisian vibe with minimalist inspiration.

Candlesticks | Minimalist decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Perfect Pair

Candles are a perfect way to add classy metal accents into any room. Candlesticks can stand alone or can be grouped into multiples. Candle holders are typically brass and have intricate designs. This elegance contrasts the simplicity of a plain white candle. Unorthodox candle holders also work well to catch the eye. Glass bottles can work as a makeshift holder that changes things up with a vintage look.

Candlesticks | Brass holders | Girlfriend is Better
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Change It Up

Looking for a candle with personality? Candlesticks can come in different designs and colors. For example, use a turquoise candle for a bohemian vibe and mix with natural woods. Add a more intricate natural design by pressing dried flowers into your candles. Playoff their resonance with foliage.

Candlesticks | Bohemian room | Girlfriend is Better
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Candlesticks: Warm Glow

Versatility is greatly appreciated within any piece of home decor. Candlesticks create any desired atmosphere. Manipulate the tone of a room by just simply lighting the candle. They are perfect for almost any room in a home. Get some candles and shroud your home within their warm glow!

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