Preserved Bouquets: Make Your Special Moment Last

Preserved Bouquets | Dry wild flower bouquet | Girlfriend is Better

Valentine’s Day has come to an end leaving us with ardent memories and a bunch of flowers on the brink of death. Preserved bouquets are a way to make that beauty last. Moreover, even passed their freshness these flowers can still have much more to offer. Save the flowers and their sentimental value with these neat tips and tricks.

Preserved Bouquets | Hand dried flowers | Girlfriend is Better
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Drying: Simple & Lush

The most common form of preserving flowers is drying them. Dried preserved bouquets may lose some of their colors, but they do retain their lush and earthy vibe. This process is the simplest way of preserving your flowers. Hang them in a cool and dry area and nature should sort itself out; if you’re looking for in-depth instructions feel free to visit Real Simple. After drying there are a number of ways you can use these dried flowers.

Preserved Bouquet | Framed dried flowers | Girlfriend is Better
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Vintage + Classy

Simplicity always has its charms. Hanging your preserved bouquet provides a room with a vintage look. Ironically, these flowers also provide a room with a bit of freshness thanks to their lingering natural scent. They can be used in any room in desperate need of color or warmth. Additionally, you also have the options to frame these flowers within a shadow box for a classier look!

Preserved Bouquets | Hanging dried wild flowers | Girlfriend is Better
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Petals In The Tub

Sometimes you don’t need any more decorations in your home. Preserved bouquets have uses outside of decoration as well. For instance, you can use the petals of you dried flowers in bath bombs! For a quick and super relaxing dried flower bath bomb recipe visit Happy Go Lucky! On the other hand, you can use dried flowers to spice up your next smudge stick.

Preserved Bouquet | Rose petal bath bomb | Girlfriend is Better
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Pressing: Vibrant & Artistic

If you’re looking to preserve your flower’s color rather than its shape, pressing is the best option for you. Pressed preserved bouquets may lose their lusciousness but they retain their vibrant color. Sandwiching your desired flower between the pages of a heavy book is the easiest way to press a flower. There are many different techniques that yield a different result, just find the technique that best suits your needs.

Preserved Bouquets | Pressed flowers | Girlfriend is Better
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Spring At a Standstill

Pressed flowers are also perfect for displays. Framing your pressed preserved bouquet is a great way to utilize these flowers. Flowers are showcased in fully transparent frames that give the vibrant flowers an almost floating in mid-air look. Needless to say, these frames are a perfect way of starting off your Spring season.

Preserved Bouquets | Framed pressed flowers | Girlfriend is Better
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Fragrant Florals

While candles can smell nice but they never really offer anything else to a room aesthetically. Using your press preserved bouquet to decorate a candle gives it a unique look. Add the flowers to the outside of your candle or make it entirely from scratch. They are perfect as a gift and add a delicate floral touch to any home.

Preserved Bouquets | Pressed flower candle | Girlfriend is Better
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Preserved Bouquets: Ardent Memories

Valentines Day might have gone by but the memories don’t have to fade. Your preserved bouquet saves its beauty in a number of ways. These flowers can last for quite a long time serving as a reminder of a day of love. Preserve the flowers or the feeling you had when you received from someone special with one of these easy ideas today.

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