Celestial Decor: Sun + Stars Abound in Your Abode

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Add a touch of wonder and enchantment to your home this season with inspiration from the sky. Use celestial decor to spark imagination and creativity as you move through the holiday season. Encourage spirituality with rattan weaves and golden metalwork. Take a look at some of our favorite furnishings as you embark on your own vision quest. You’ll find your home a little more peaceful and your day a little more special!

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Celestial Decor Starts on the Floor

Dress up a floor with an elegant marigold rug woven with natural fibers.  Use a handwoven floral pattern in a sunburst shape to add a little celestial decor in a bedroom.  We love this feminine beauty from Armadillo & Co. in Bangladeshi hemp.  The durable hemp thread makes the rug a worthwhile investment!  Our astro decor guide should remind Libras that a marigold rug is the perfect personal touch for their homes, especially.

Marigold rug sun weave | Celestial decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Armadillo & Co

Sunburst Glamour

Mix glam with a little eclectic style for a modern twist on boring interior design. A prominent sunburst mirror and ethnic accessories are perfect for globetrotters. Or stay-cation divas!  Take a look at our article on adding a little glam with gold and then go big!  We like Anthropologie’s Sundial Mirrors in various shapes and sizes.  They are the right balance of modern and ancient.   Just make sure your mirror is reflecting something great, because Feng Shui says it doubles the energy.

Sunburst mirror glamour | Celestial decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Geometric Starry Sky

We first fell in love with hanging plants when we discovered Kokedama. Another twist on the style is to hang air plants in geometric baubles.  These Geometric Brass Air Plant Hangers from MiaaStudio on Etsy are so lovely!  The benefit of air plants is their low maintenance sun and water needs. A few spritzes every now and then from a spray bottle is sufficient.

Geometric modern air plant stars | Celestial decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Calming Retreat

Once you start adding celestial decor to your home, you’ll start seeing the sun and stars everywhere.  Poufs are popular right now and their sun-like patterns are an easy way to add a little sunshine to a cozy spot.  Put your feet up and grab one of our favorite novels from the summer to read when you can steal a moment to yourself.  We found a Moroccan Leather Pouf from Houzz that you should snatch up quick if you’re in love.  There’s only 4 left!  Leather pouf ottomans are a staple to any proper Bohemian eclectic home.

Sun pattern pouf | Celestial decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Bess Friday via Rue Magazine

Trim a Tree

This season’s holiday trend is Hygge decor. We fell in love with simple Christmas trees and accessorizing with nature. Add a little celestial decor by trimming your tree with dried orange slices. The star-like pattern and sunny orange color are the perfect touch. Flat Creek Farmhouse has a simple DIY for drying orange slices. A couple of hours in the oven and some string is an instant Hygge-worthy garland!

Dried orange garland star pattern | Celestial decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Flat Creek Farmhouse

Heavenly Light

One of our favorite ways to add some magic to any room is with a mid-century modern light fixture.  A starburst chandelier emits celestial decor lighting with funky cool style. The Kelly Wearstler Strada Flush Mount Ceiling Light boasts a gorgeous hand-painted gilt finish.  It mounts flush to the ceiling and is $50 off right now with promo code DEC50.  You can mix modern with Hygge for a cool and cozy holiday atmosphere for sure.  Who said the tree gets the exclusive rights to the star?  Not us.

Sunburst light fixture | Celestial decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Addison’s Wonderland

Wishes Do Come True

Next time you’re wishing on a star, make sure to take a moment to consider what you have already been blessed with.  Using celestial decor not only reminds us of where we’re from, it gives us hope on our journey.  Using symbols of the stars and sun are wonderful ways to project your grandest desires.   Use a little Feng Shui in the Helpful People area of your home, too.  It will give your social or networking life an added boost!  And who couldn’t use that?

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