Helpful People: Attract Besties w. Feng Shui

Feng Shui helpful people decor idea | Girlfriend is Better
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You’ve heard the phrase, “it’s not what you do, it’s who you know”.  Bringing helpful people into your life (and keeping them there) is vital to your livelihood and mental well-being alike!  Think of the friends you have who make you laugh and keep you going.  Or the acquaintance who connected you with your last job.  If you need a hand up or a more satisfying social life, this is the area of your home you want to focus on.  If you’re new to Feng Shui, first read the overview article so you understand where I’m going with this.

Feng Shui helpful people decor idea | Girlfriend is Better
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Helpful People: Front Right of Bagua

Located in the front right area of your home or room, the element for Helpful People is heaven.  There are people here on earth who act as angels and help you when you need it most.  Sometimes, just a person in the grocery checkout line who flashes you a smile is enough!  Attract this kind of positive interaction with people by placing items that make you think of the sky here.  Use the bagua as a handy blueprint to determine where this area lies in your home.

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Look for the Silver Lining

Silver picture frames or pictures of your dearest friends would go well in this area of your home.  Use gray, silver, or black and white items to attract energy and increase powerful connections.   Some suggestions to enhance this area are:

  • Healthy plants in a high place
  • Light or lamps that beam upward
  • Inspiring artwork (maybe one of these double exposure designs?)
  • Spiritual symbols that symbolize your spiritual connections
Perfect mid-century modern decor for the Helpful Friends center | Feng Shui tips | Girlfriend is Better
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Take the High Road

Keep the energy high and remove any photos of people who hinder your progress or bring you down emotionally.  If you are in a career that depends on networking of any kind, keep this place clean and free of clutter.  You want this space to depict energy, intuition, guidance, and good luck.

Feng Shui helpful people decor idea | Girlfriend is Better
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Pay it Forward

Remember that an important principle in Feng Shui is that whatever you give, you will receive in return.  Be sure to offer your assistance and look for ways to serve others.  As a result, you will be attracting the same benefits in return.

Feng Shui helpful people decor idea | Girlfriend is Better
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What’s Black, White, and Grey All Over?

Need help getting started? Here are some great items for the Helpful Friends center from Pier 1 Imports. If you go in the store, be sure to check out their mirrored furniture pieces, too. Lovely!

Find out where to place these furnishings | Feng Shui Helpful People center | Girlfriend is Better
Collage bg:

1. Petite Gold Burst Round Mirror
2. Mora Pendant Light
3. Golden Impressions Abstract Art
4. Shimmering Gold Mosaic Frame – 5×7
5. Elana Bronze Iron Console Table

If you are enhancing this area, let us know what you did!  We’d love to see all of the black, white and silver going off in this area of your home.

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