Dear Danger: Have Boutique, Will Travel

Dear Danger mobile boutique | Lindsay Danger | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dear Danger

Dear Danger, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.. I first met Lindsay Danger (née Lindsay Howard) back in 2009 in what some of us in San Diego lovingly refer to as the “Voyeur Days”. She was a VIP Host at the time and it was love at first sight! In fact, we first bonded over the fact we were both wearing black leggings – those were the hot ticket item at the time. Ha! From then on, I always delighted in her personal style. Days where she might show up magically with her hair done in a huge blond afro, and nights where her black eyeliner was always on point.

Lindsay Danger, owner Dear Danger mobile boutique | Girlfriend is Better
Photography by Emily Sandifer

Dear Danger, Fresno’s First Mobile Boutique

Always a mover and a shaker, I was not surprised but ecstatic to find that she started up Fresno’s first mobile boutique, Dear Danger. While at FIDM in San Francisco, Danger started studying mobile retail trends. Inspired, she began drawing up a business plan that came into fruition in 2015. Using a 1989 Grumman Olson® truck as a frame, she added hardwood flooring, shelves, and sliding glass doors.  The front of the truck gets converted into a dressing room when parked, so the whole 16×7-foot space is used.

Music Alert! This is a remix of a song Danger included on a “Red Lips” compilation she gave me long ago. It’s super disco and always reminds me of her 😉
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Want to see the inside?

The mobile shop has racks for dresses, skirts, and tops for moms and daughters alike. Finish with a snazzy coat of blue paint and a popping logo on the exterior and she got herself a mobile shop!  Here’s a quick video that goes into more detail.  You can get a feeling of Danger’s smart business sense coupled with her bright personality.  Check out the revisions she made to the truck, they’re pretty ingenious!

Never Take Life Too Seriously

Traveling around the San Joaquin Valley in California, the boutique carries an array of carefully selected clothing brands and vintage apparel. Every item available can be attributed to Danger’s fashion-forward and outgoing style. She’s always had a great tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and it is also happily manifested in Dear Danger’s collection.

Saddle Club bandanas carried by Dear Danger mobile boutique | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dear Danger

A Girl With a Heart

Everything is under the $80 range, so any girl can find something she loves at a price she can’t refuse. Certain clothes and accessories are chosen with sustainability in mind as well. For example, a makeup bag would not be complete if it wasn’t also made from upcycled irrigation hose. Recycling and reusing are essential to any smart shopper. Shops that sell vintage clothing and promote upcycling are always #1 in our book.

Lip Service upcycled makeup bag carried by Dear Danger mobile boutique | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dear Danger

Talk About VIP Host!

The best part of Dear Danger being mobile, is that the boutique can come to you! Available for privately hosted parties and events, Danger can set up shop quickly and easily. Bonus points – you get the boutique owner in tow! Dynamic and outgoing, her exuberant personality attracts people from far and wide. Her knack for socializing and her genuineness are always an asset. Throw in some sunglasses or handbag and you’re done!

Lindsay Danger, owner of Dear Danger mobile boutique | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dear Danger

Festival Fashion

You can also find Dear Danger at a myriad of festivals and fairs. You can’t miss the big blue truck with the hot blonde out front. A former fashion model, Danger is a force to be reckoned with! Her belief in perpetual forward motion also means she’s always on the go. Grab the loot from her boutique while you’ve got the chance!

Dear Danger mobile boutique | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dear Danger

Trucks and More Trucks – Please!

Expansion is a possibility, as Dear Danger could potentially add more trucks to its repertoire. Danger even has a vision of turning a school bus into a mobile boutique housing children’s wear. As you can see, with her style and vision anything is possible. She’s our kind of girl! An advocate of the mobile boutique business model, be sure to check out the press page on her web site and get inspired to start one of your own!

Dear Danger mobile boutique logo | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dear Danger

Follow the boutique on your social media forum of choice Facebook | Instagram | Twitter so you will be on the alert when it rolls into your town. Better yet, book it for your next event and get ready to party! Love, Gina Speed

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