Double Exposure/ Double Vision

Double exposure design by Antonio Mora | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Antonio Mora | Photo courtesy: Writeca

Consider finding a double exposure print and adding it to your art collection this year. Photography is everywhere and pretty much everyone is dabbling in the art form to some degree. True artists who choose digital tools to express themselves creatively deserve a little recognition. Of course, all art is subjective, so I’m going to display a few of my personal favorites and you can choose for yourself.

ENRACINÉ by Desiree Patterson | Double exposure design | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Desirée Patterson | | Email Desirée for more information

Photoshop Skillz

Working in the design field has inundated my visual world with all sorts of images. Between stock photography, social media, and more, I have developed a true love of talent. Certain people just have that creativity, or eye, and their artwork will always spark my interest.

Double exposure design by Artist: Abdullah Erkeç | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Abdullah Erkeç

Invoke Emotion

Artists who take the time and effort to create something beautiful are more accessible, but not necessarily easier to find. Think about how many images you swipe past on social media. It’s like visual junk mail! If you find yourself looking at a photograph or design piece for longer than a minute, you may have stumbled upon art. The duality of double exposure design pieces should invoke an emotion or provoke thought.

Double exposure design by mangmang | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: mangmang | Photo courtesy: Exercice de Style

Double Exposure Plays off Duality

Most of the art I enjoy is a mixture of city life and nature. Making these two worlds collide creates a sort of visual play on words. Giving a person the freedom of birds or the stability of trees is poetic and liberating. It takes a lot of skill to harmonize both images in a way where there is no break in the fluidity of the image.

Double exposure design by Simon Hart | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Simon Hart
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Double exposure design | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy:

You Don’t Have to Take it too Seriously

There is a lot of great design pieces that are whimsical and fun, too. Using vintage photos and adding surreal nature shots is hilarious! I also love the way artists add a little pop of color into an otherwise black and white photo.

Double exposure design by Merve Ozaslan | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Merve Ozaslan | Photo courtesy: Exercice de Style

Support Your Local Artist

Find an artist in your area and buy a print! Double-exposure art looks great matted and framed and is even better on canvas. Fill your home with creativity and delight yourself with your surroundings.  If you’ve been inspired, check out the huge selection of art available at iCanvas. They have a plethora of great images available on your choice of canvas. Want to create some yourself? There are techniques you can use to double images on your camera available online. If you like to play around with images in Photoshop, check out Yulia Sokolova’s easy step-by-step article.

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