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Health + Well-Being Feng Shui | kitchen decor | yellow + green | Girlfriend is Better
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Anyone on a health kick? You can use the decor in your home and a few basic principles from Feng Shui to enhance this part of your life.  Your health affects the way you view what’s currently happening in your life.  It can effect whether a positive flow of events are able to reach you. Equally as important, eating healthy and getting enough rest makes a huge impact on your mood.  Reflect on the Feng Shui overview and bagua articles to understand where the Health center lies in your home. Then you can enhance it with these easy tips!  Located in the center of the bagua, the Health section of your home should be open and nourishing.

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Earth + Sun = Health

First, the elements for Health are the earth and sun. For example, think about creating a sense of stability with decor using earth elements.  At the same time, make sure this space is vibrant and clean. Implement a spa-like environment into your own home, or use ideas from a favorite hotel to make you feel like your on vacation.  Stay-cations are supremely underrated.

Health + Well-Being Feng Shui | Yellow + green mid-century modern | Girlfriend is Better
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Think Yellow + Green

Next, try using the prominent colors for Health, which are yellow and green. Find items in your home that combine earth and sun elements. A yellow terra-cotta pot or a healthy, flowering plant are great combo ideas. Consider placing plants on a coffee table in the middle of a room. Use yellow or green in the room most central to your home.  Other Health center enhancements include:

  • Wide, healthy plants
  • Fresh fruit in a ceramic bowl (ideas from our article on Bauer Pottery)
  • Artwork of yellow flowers, or fresh flowers
  • Paintings or symbols of the earth or sun (like mid-century modern sunburst clocks)
Health + Well-Being Feng Shui | Mid-century modern decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Clean up your act!

Make sure to keep this area the cleanest one in your home! Use décor items that represent stability and prosperity. Major adjustments should be made if there is a bathroom, staircase, fireplace, or stove in this center. Some quick and easy fixes include:

  • Bathroom – Add more than one plant, place a mirror outside the door
  • Staircase – Place heavy, solid objects at the bottom to stabilize energy
  • Fireplace/ Stove – Place a water item on the fireplace or next to the stove to calm the fire aspect (refer to our fireplace Feng Shui article for ideas)
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Health + Well-Being Feng Shui | water + plant decor idea | Girlfriend is Better
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Take a Break + Relax

Feel centered in your mind and body so you are better able to focus. Create a healthy living environment that attracts positive things into your life. When you aren’t being good to yourself, there’s no way your relationships with others can be healthy. Take breaks for meditation and find healthy ways to treat yourself. You deserve it!

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Yellow + green decor | Health + Well-being Feng Shui | Girlfriend is Better
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Macrame is Like Medicine

Macrame is a great way to add sun and earth elements into your home. Use a terra-cotta pot in a yellow hanger and voila! Instant plant life introduced into your home and a little sunshine to brighten your day! Etsy is a great place to look for handmade macrame beauties. Plants aside, doctor bills and medicine are total drains on your finances. Staying healthy is smart and savvy! Keep the center of your home (or any room) light and bright and take care of yourself too. You’re important to the people around you and your health matters.

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