Suede is Made in the Shade

Elvis and purple suede knee-high boots | NBD | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Coveteur

It’s still warm outside and school’s back in for the students of the world. Fall is in the air and suede is the softer take on leather that will get you in the mood for the season. For you animal lovers out there, there are plenty of suede alternatives too. Find fabrics with a brushed or napped finish and you’re set. Suede has such a nice, warm feeling and looks amazing paired with denim or chambray.

Suede paired with chambray | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vanessa Jackman
Topshop suede minis with jean jackets | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Topshop

Jump into a Jumper, Yo

Jumpers are also popping up in suede giving me flashbacks to what I wore in kindergarten. Pair one with stripes or a print and you can still pull  one off like a grown-up. If you insist on looking like one. Bright yellow hues ranging down to darker orange hues are my favorites for this season.

Suede jumper, grown-up fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

Ohhhh, Suede Flares

If you can find full-blown pants, then props to you for days! They would need to be the vegan-variety so they can stretch and you can walk in them properly! Full-on vintage fashion and I’ve seen them looking amazing in cropped and flared varieties. Relaxed and easy going, suede is so sexy without even trying.

Vegan suede flares | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! If I was to pick a soundtrack to fit these suede-y girls attitudes, this mix by Off Of would be it. In fact, turns out it IS it.
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What every girl needs - suede flares and a sick automobile | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Studded Hearts

Wear it and Pair it

All in all, suede is so easy to dress up or dress down. Versatility is the highlight of any fashion choice you make.  If you find a great item or accessory, make sure it’s made to last.  Add in a little fringe or a fur and you’ve got a grade A outfit in a snap. We always love bright color in the Fall and Winter, so feel free to stand out.

Bright blue suede jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Alex’s Closet
Suede pea coat in jewel tones | Girlfriend is Better
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Suede is Best for Romping

I wore my Minnetonka moccasins to Coachella and beyond! They were so comfortable and really took a beating! Moccasins were a nice close-toed shoe option that still felt free on the fairgrounds. In fact, my grandmother used to wear a pair of white ones with the beading too! So there’s no generation gap when it comes to those. Do it and send us a picture of your cute feet!

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