Valentine’s Day Street Style Outfits: Wild at Heart

Valentine's Day street style outfits | heart faux fur coat sett through purse | Girlfriend is Better
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Does anyone else like to go a little crazy on Valentine’s Day? Evidently, you’re not alone. Our favorite Valentine’s Day street style outfits totally throw caution to the wind. If it’s red or pink or has a heart, it counts! Who cares if anyone stares, this is self-love at it’s finest.

Valentine's Day street style outfits | red wool coat faux fur stole stripes sunglasses | Girlfriend is Better
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Valentine’s Day Street Style, Baby Doll

Take everything you know about ruffles and then dress up baby doll style. The pink dress trend is all over Valentine’s Day street style this year. Find a pink dress with an empire waist that is super loose and uber girly. Do some ying/yang with a top handle purse in your favorite animal print. Black ankle socks with loafers finish the look with a dose of testosterone that those dresses are craving.

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Check, Please

Incorporate a little Burberry check into your V-Day uniform. Some Valentine’s Day street style ladies like a little Burberry; some (us!) like a LOT. Pair head-to-toe plaid with your favorite version of the white tennis shoe trend. (Check out our favorite plaid trench coats if you’re already swooning at the thought.) You can also personalize a pair of Converse with hearts, hearts, or more hearts. So festive!

Valentine's Day street style outfits | plaid pants suit trench coat white Converse tennis shoes hearts | Girlfriend is Better
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These two girls can’t both be wrong, can they?

White Knight

Add a splash of red to your standard Winter white outfit. A cropped teddy bear fur looks smashing in this Valentine’s Day street style hue. Take a look at this season’s top handle purses and pair a white one with white boots for the total look. If a scarf is too bulky for you, a white turtleneck might be just the answer. See where we’re going with this? Totally chic and totally easy.

Valentine's Day street style outfits | red cropped teddy bear fur jacket top handle purse white boots | Girlfriend is Better
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Asian Influence

Add some color and texture to a denim jacket with embroidery. Valentine’s Day street style stars are mashing coats and dresses with pants and boots. It’s a closet free-for-all! Take one of our favorite floral Spring dresses and warm it up with a faux fur coat and jeans. Midi wrap dresses work very well with pants since you can adjust the waist. High-water pants are preferred, but you can do whatever looks best darlin’.

Valentine's Day street style outfits | faux fur coat white high-water pants rose floral spring dress embroidered denim jacket top handle purse | Girlfriend is Better
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Party of One

For those of you who insist on celebrating Gal-entine’s Day, take that masculine vibe up a notch. A Valentine’s Day street style outfit would not be complete without a large dose of RED. You can still add a little Winter white sweater to stay on trend. Just be sure the coat is poshy-posh or full-length and in-your-face. Try this oversized alpaca wool blend coat (on sale $99) or this teddy puffer jacket with all the insulation. Pair with combat boots for the ultra “I am woman; hear me roar”.

Valentine's Day street style outfits | full-length coat red faux fur white sweater combat boots | Girlfriend is Better
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Softer Side

Alternatively, if menswear is usually your thing, change it up in the other direction. Use soft pinks and light pastels in your Valentine’s Day street style gear. The idea is to fall in love with both sides of yourself. Splurge on a new dress (like this midi dress with ruffles and bows) or coat that instantly makes you happy and wear it with pride! Confidence and a willingness to throw caution to the wind are always welcome on Feb. 14.

Valentine's Day street style outfits | pink ruffles mumu dress striped faux fur coat white tennis shoes | Girlfriend is Better
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Paint the Town Red

Use the great outdoors as an excuse to party among strangers. Play in your closet and create your own Valentine’s Day street style craziness. We support you and we salute you! If you want to share your Insta-worthy outfit with us (@gfisbetter), be sure to tag it with #GFisbetterStyle and we’ll check it out.

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