Print Mixing Like a Boss

Print mixing work wear slacks, blouses, neck scarves | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Spain

Since this is a season of layering (our favorite!), you can take it one of two ways. Head-to-toe monochrome.. or not. Spring fashion weeks have been taking the brave path to print mixing. You can play it easy by mixing stripes with florals, but we highly recommend bolder prints and wacky patterns. Get out your color wheel and have fun mixing-and-matching while it’s still sprinkling outside!

Print mixing dress, coat, socks, sandals | Milan Fashion Week 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Youngjun Koo

Print Mixing Boho Eclectic

If you’re bent on going Bohemian, get serious with the origins of the style. Bohemian eclectic print mixing takes favorite silhouettes from the 60s and throws print-caution to the wind! We love the way Man Repeller layered a bandeau top over a floral dress and then tied off the look with a striped shirt. If you can’t guess what country you’re representing, you’re doing it right. You can probably accomplish the same look using this Embroidered Brami from Free People. We love all of the details of embroidery mixed with large floral prints. Crazy, sexy, cool.

Print mixing Bohemian dress, blouse, sweater | florals with stripes | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Man Repeller


Ever feel like you’ve got the ultimate juggling act going on? Rock print mixing in the office with a combo of florals and bells. (Make sure to check out our article on the latest baby bell bottoms and bell sleeves craze.) If you want to be tricky, you can mix two vibrant prints with one subdued one. This keeps the look magical without giving other people eye strain.

Print mixing baby bells pants, blouse, bell sleeves coat | London Fashion Week 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Style Stalker
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Pajama Look Still Winning

Did you fall in love with the pajama look like we did last Winter? We prefer your pajamas not to be all matchy-matchy; go for print mixing instead. Throw in a soft blazer or neck scarf (or both!) if you dare. Mixing stripes in with bold color patterns keeps the look working well. Total menswear look 2018. Urban Outfitter’s has a High-Rise Soft Flare pant that would work in a pinch. Flared and funky yellow multi print (perfect for mixing).

Print mixing pajama pants, striped blouse, cheetah print, polka dots | Paris Fashion Week 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Paris

Fad Mixing

One look that shone during from Paris Fashion Week was an amazing ensemble fads in one. Print mixing plaid blazers, floral skirts, and athletic wear showed a total disregard for all three trends. Our inner anarchistic souls are leaping with joy! (“How to never be bored with fashion trends 101.”) want to get started down the right track? Urban Outfitters carries a cool Fila Sling Bag in navy or black. Also, check out our ode to hip-hop fashion for more 90’s athletic gear inspiration. Can you dig it? “More mix in granny’s batter..”

Print mixing skirt, plaid blazer, Fila fanny pack | Paris Fashion Week 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: WWD


Another Man Repeller gem involves a quilted Bode shirt (worth a splurge Omg!) and a floral skirt. Do you remember our love for crocheted granny squares? Quilting takes print mixing to a whole new level. This is the best way to floral print mix that we’ve seen in the past 50-100 years.

Print mixing floral skirt, patchwork blouse | Bohemian eclectic | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Man Repeller

But Most of All, Stay Classy

Stepping away from florals, Fendi is taking a more subtle approach. Print mixing wide stripes and pale plaids in a muted color palette can be just as effective. This work perfectly for girls working their way up the corporate ladder or any non-flashy types staying on trend. 10 points for anyone mixing fashion labels. Burberry plaid, Fendi logos, and Gucci belt? You get the idea.

Print mixing plaid skirt, striped shirt, Fendi jacket | Milan Fashion Week 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Youngjun Koo

I Don’t Care, I Do What I Want

If you’re going for that legit boss-style, then you’ve got to have the proper fashion attitude to go with it. Eccentricities are always welcome when it comes to print mixing. Take the inspiration from Spring fashion weeks and then pull it out of your closet! Time to add passion and a personal sense of style to your wardrobe.

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  1. This is TOTALLY something I can get behind! The world is finally catching on to my natural style! ? I love this ?

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