Pajamas: I’m Staying in Them All Day

Pajamas during London FW S17 | Marques ‘ Almeida | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Driely S. for Vogue Magazine

I admit I’ve been a little skeptical of the pajamas craze. But once I saw the photo above from the latest London Fashion Week, I was finally sold. Marques’ Almeida picked the right model to sway me! She is so classic and cool and rocks the look perfectly. It took me this long to buy into it. Some trends just need to marinate a little.

Pajamas in public | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Tommy Ton

How I’m Going to Rock Pajamas in Public

The pajama trend is not new, but it is certainly sticking around for Spring. I did some research and pinned down what will make the look work for me in the outside world. I’m always tempted to post “fail” images, but let’s just keep our eyes on success. Bottom line – it’s fun to follow a trend, but no need to max it out.  Keep your pajamas somewhat structured and fabulous.  Dragging pant legs especially are no bueno.  Clothes should always fit, first and foremost.

Head-to-toe pajamas looks best when they fit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Fashion Clue

Bottoms Up @ Work

The easiest way to incorporate sleepwear into your look at work is to just wear one half of the outfit at a time. This maximizes your pajama fashion and extends your closet into Spring easy! Sport a pajama jacket instead of a structured blazer. This says, “I mean business, but I like to relax as well”. Alternatively, wear loose bottoms in a fun print and keep the structured blazer. See where I’m going with this?  One or the other.

Wear the bottoms of your pajamas with a blazer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: LA Cool + Chic


You can still rock the look without feeling head-to-toe sleepwear.  Simply tie the top of your pajamas around your waist!  Genius!  This is a great option for older women because it still looks classy.  You can even get away with heels doing it that way.  Some call it cheating, I call it pajamas trend maturity.  Better yet, find a great suit with pajama styling instead. Classy.

Suit with pajamas styling | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: A Love is Blind

Do Robes Count as Pajamas?

For casual Friday’s and weekend wear, timid pajama wearers can go for the robe instead of a traditional duster. Robes are especially punk rock in silk or velvet. How is it possible to dress up jeans and be wearing your pajamas at the same time? It’s one of life’s little conundrums that keeps me going throughout the day.

Wear a robe instead of pajamas - it still counts | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Polyvore Collection
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The Right Footwear

Another look I love is the cropped pajama pant.  As things warm up, you can pair the bottoms of your pajamas with a chunky sweater and ankle boots.  They are a nice way to add silk fabric and a fun print into your look.

Pair cropped pajamas with ankle boots | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: dirtylittlestylewhoree

Proper Walk of Shame

You may not want to know this, but the thing I love most about the pajama look is the “into the next day” vibe it has.  I’ve been rocking this look for years but never as my actual outfit!  Now all you have to do is throw on some ballet flats and an over-sized sweater and you are done.  The right fabrics and perfect prints do a nice job of dressing up your style effortlessly.  Just in time for brunch.

Pajamas + ballet flats for a lunch date | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

Let’s Do This

After selling myself on the many options and happy possibilities, I’m excited to add sleepwear to my repertoire.  Head-to-toe pajamas look super cute in fun prints and cropped styles.  It took a little inspiring, but I’m now convinced that with the right shoe and the right attitude, it can be done.  I’m late in the game, but better late than never I always say!  And I have a knack for arriving just when the party’s getting started..

Pajamas are still on trend for Spring 2017 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: e! | Sandra Semburg | Style du Monde

In My Cart

Okay, so deciding to sport the look and then actually finding the right gear was two separate problems.  I was finally introduced to BedHead Pajamas by Renee Claire.  She has the right combination of tailoring, fabric, and prints!  Here are my top 3 favorites:

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Sketched Eiffel Stretch | BedHead PajamasMr. Blue Jay Stretch | BedHead PajamasLove Birds Sateen | BedHead Pajamas

Ready for Spring

I’m super glad that this look is flexible. I can easily start wearing it now and then rock it hard when it gets warmer. There are so many ways to change it up, I may never grow bored. Pajama party! Who’s coming?

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