Grunge Plaid Pants Kick Off Summer

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Candidly, we’re pulling summer’s latest fashion trend from Orange County high school kids on e-bikes. Gangs of riders are collectively wearing grunge plaid pants effortlessly from Senior-itis stages into summer. Begging people to put away their yoga pants, we humbly offer a myriad of alternative solutions that are just as comfortable and more flattering, we promise.

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Keyword Search: Grunge Plaid Pants

To find the right kind of pants, use the keyword search above (maybe add “women” but not necessary). We like to wear grunge plaid pants (checkered work too!) big and baggy. Opt for a size or 3 bigger than you normally wear. Pair with an oversized graphic tee and you’ve got the basic uniform. You might think “pajamas!” but we all think “summer”.

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Pleats work

If you want to wear a more fitted shirt and don’t like belting up your baggy pants, try pleats instead. Pleats give you that wide-leg look you want in grunge plaid pants with a nice fit at the waist. You can tuck a larger tee for more conservative occasions or cover the pleats with a baggy tee. Depends on the look you are going for but both options work.

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So, imagine you’re one of us and love the 90s grunge aesthetic but need to act your age. The grunge plaid pants look is still totally doable and even works for the workplace. The trick is to find a high-waisted fitted pant and fabric that is appropriate and then go all out on the plaid. We love the look with a low square heel and a tucked-in graphic tee. Totally a summer office outfit.

grunge plaid pants | office outfit graphic tee 90s summer | Girlfriend is Better
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Accessorize If You Must

If you want to pull the look past the pajama aesthetic, you can always accessorize. Our favorite pants accessory for grunge plaid pants are wallet chains. If you have a fabric that will let you hem up the cuff, this is a nice 90s look that gives your Converse or Vans shoes some show time as well. Keep the look casual with a cotton tote and go shopping already.

grunge plaid pants | wallet chain accessory cotton tote Vans shoes | Girlfriend is Better
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Oversized Alternative

We also wholeheartedly embrace the baby tank as an alternative to oversized tees. If you go for a tiny top, definitely wear a pant that is fitted at the waist. A cinched-up waist might be a little complicated otherwise. We like this look with 90s black boots and a purse rocking a chain strap. Same idea as the wallet chain but definitely more feminine.

grunge plaid pants | high waist  pleated baby tank top chain handle purse black combat boots | Girlfriend is Better
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Cropped is Cool

One final option we’ll throw out is a little more goth possibly? But works with the overall vibe. Crop your grunge plaid pants and show a little sock ankle, why don’t ya’? We love the Harajuku styles we have been seeing with throwbacks to punk days with belts and zippers. Super cute with white tennis shoes and a baby doll tee. Totally approachable and not scary.

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Punk Kids

No matter your age or the approach you decide to take, there are a final few things to keep in mind. Please do not wear your grunge plaid pants tight or tapered. Please wear them straight leg or baggier. That’s pretty much it. And relax, it’s summer.

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