Plaid is Not For the Faint-of-Heart

Plaid pant suit with fur coat | Fall fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Glamour Mexico

October marks the official beginning of grunge uniform. Get out your brave hat and douse yourself in as much plaid as possible! This year, the tartan pattern is showing up in coats, maxi skirts, and pant suits. Here is a small collection of our favorites.

Margaret Zhang in head-to-toe plaid pant suit | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Margaret Zhang | Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

Plaid Blazer My Heart

Hopefully you got on board with our shorts suit article and have been buying your blazers long. A plaid blazer that extends past your waist is right on trend for Fall. Shopbop has a great Oversized Boyfriend Blazer by Laveer in tweed. The minimalist feminine jacket is just the right style. We love the cool 80s look especially with a rolled up sleeve. It’s flattering to your figure and lets you get away with a more casual look underneath. Pair with a slim purse and pointed flats for the office, especially. Who’s that girl?

Long plaid blazer 80s style with felt fedora and pointed flats | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: 15×20 via tumblr

Can You Dig it?

There’s nothing sexier than a bum from the Highland. Plaid pants are just as delicious as a Scottish Irn-Bru. Sporting a pair gives you instant rock n’ roll status. Did you know? In the Dress Act of 1746, British parliament made the wearing of any tartan illegal. Fashion anarchists faced imprisonment or deportation. Simple enthusiasts were made to take an oath:

“I do swear … never [to] use any tartan, plaid or any part of the Highland garb; and if I do so, may I be cursed in my undertakings, family and property—may I never see my wife and children, father, mother and relations—may I be killed in battle as a coward, and lie without Christian burial, in a strange land.” (

We think you should take the pants party oath and visit Madewell instead. The Langford Wide-Leg Crop Pants in Windowpane is one of their bestsellers! How could so many people be wrong? Plus, SUPER flattering in the derriere.

Green plaid pants with graphic tee | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Teespring

Skirting the Issue

Flounce your freedoms in a kilt made for the 20th century. Vintage plaid skirts are practically perfect poised with an equally promising purse. We love this vintage high-waisted number from LucaAndLuna on Etsy. Straight from the 70s the wool-blend skirt is 32″ length, so hits below the knee. If you save some money on the skirt, might we suggest splurging on just the right bag? This Sophie B Bag is 20% off with promo code BAGS20 – the stuff dreams are made of!

Vintage yellow plaid skirt with Maryam Nassir Zadeh bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lisa Says Gah

Back to the Pant Suit

Our #1 favorite way to rock the print is head-to-toe. Plaid pant suits are totally mod this season. We like the Selected pant suit with it’s easy-to-care-for fabric. Jackets should have a square shape balanced with cigarette pants. Ankles must show! You can modify a pant suit by rolling up cuffs or leaving the blazer open to get the same basic shape. This look is perfect for the Creative in the office.

Plaid pant suit perfect for the office | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Damsel in Dior
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Bright Lining

Have you ever heard the old song, “Look For the Silver Lining“? Add a little Chet Baker love to a classic plaid raincoat by giving the lining a bright flash of color. Little pops of color on sunglasses or other accessories are just what a gray day needs.

Plaid raincoat with red lining | Paris Fashion Week SS18 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Simon Chetrit via Man Repeller

You Animal!

Always feel free to print mix. Mainstream fashion is still allowing plaid mashups, so feel free to go a little crazy. It’s always a good rule-of-thumb to stick to the same basic color palette. For Fall, keeping things in blacks and browns are a grownup way to pull things together.

Print mixing with plaid rocks! | Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Rock This Joint

We were swooning over the rocking print in grunge fashion this month last year. Check it out for more inspiration and enjoy some flashing back to the 90s! I mean really, plaid will never go out of fashion, so enjoy playing with it. You will see some of the same themes repeated, but hopefully will love this year’s updates anyway. We certainly do!

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