Shorts Suit Sensations for September

Pin-striped shorts suit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Noholita

Delightful transitioning into Fall, but man!  It is still hot outside!  Our best fashion fix for September is a shorts suit that fits the bill.  Give your legs breathing room and show off that tan you’ve been working on all summer.  Square structured shapes and office-appropriate prints help you stay cool in a professional environment.

Floral shorts suit two-piece | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Hey Fran Hey

Pinstriped Shorts Suit

Did you catch out article on the power of stripes?  Take the season’s power print directly to the shorts suit of your choice.  We are seeing some of the best skate style trends popping up in fashion, too.  Black socks are not just for tourists!  If you’re feeling to timid to rock the socks and sandals idea, do mid-calf boots instead.  Ya chicken!

Pinstriped shorts suit with black socks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Glam Radar

Best Floral Ever

Our favorite Summer florals are also sticking around for Fall. The best way to update your office look is with a shorts suit in a print that just rolled out of bed. The pajama look is still a go and florals are starting to echo prints normally found on bed sheets and bedroom curtains.  The trick is in the details: socks with sandals, a structured bag, or any of our favorite boots from Spring.  This is how you make trends continue to work on your behalf.

Floral shorts suit with long jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Collage Vintage

Working Lunch

One of the best things about showing some leg is that it also works amazingly well outside of the office.  When you’re wearing a shorts suit, you can easily pop in for coffee or hang out after hours.  We love the Archer Blazer from Rag & Bone paired with their Carson Short.  The gingham blazer is currently 50% off and the sorts have a nice, high-waisted fit.  Office wear is worth a splurge when the cut and fabric is quality.  You can mix-and-match pieces easily and get so much wear out of every item. Even better when you can get such a versatile print on sale!

Striped blazer and shorts suit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Girl From Panama
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Mod Maiden

Did you fall in love with the mod look like we did in our sunglasses spread?  Accessorize a looser floral shorts suit with spectacles that are too hip to be square!  When the weather cools down, add our favorite workaday blouse – the pussy bow.  A dressier blouse and the right fishnet tights will help you show some leg just a little bit longer into the Fall.  Ruffles are still taking the world by storm, so a loose tuxedo blouse would work with this style as well.

Floral shorts suit with mod look and ruffled blouse | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pages by Megan

Miami Vice Bling

If you stick to natural hues, you can get away with a surprising amount of bling.  Mix sequined shorts with a soft, casual blazer and your shorts suit is officially office-approved.  This is a better look if you’re a girl on the go.  Sequined shorts are not the best idea for sitting at a desk all day. Never wear heels with shorts suits if you can help it. Stick to booties and add socks where you can. It’s a better menswear look that keeps you from trying too hard.

Sequin shorts suit two-piece natural blazer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: How to Chic

Casual Friday on the Bottom

You may have heard the old saying, “party in the front, business in the back”. Well, this is the same idea only from bottom to top.  Create your own shorts suit by pairing cut-offs with a tuxedo jacket.  With all shorts suits, the jackets should hit a few inches below the waist to an inch or two above the hem.  This balances the look enough to make it work-friendly. Use your accessories to play off the professional and casual vibes. Combine the two to win. All. Day. Long.

Shorts suit with cut-offs and black blazer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: LA Cool + Chic

Office Cool

It’s important to dress in loose styles and breathable fabrics this time of year.  A shorts suit will help you keep your cool as you continue to go about your business.  People tend to get extra cranky or extra stressed when the temperatures rise.  Do your part to keep office drama to a minimum by being comfortable in your own skin! We salute you, Ms. Boss!

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