Denim Skirts Are Fresh Again

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Start shopping for skirts if you’re looking for a Spring trend that will freshen up your wardrobe.  This season, denim skirts will update your outfit with classic comfort and tailoring. There is no magic length to shop for but a few styles stand out above the rest.  Take a look at how denim is being styled on the runway and on the street.

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Denim Skirts on The Runway

For extra inspiration, be sure to keep your eye on how fashion houses are styling skirts on the runway.  The most eye-catching combinations we are seeing combine denim skirts with nude footwear and office-appropriate tops.  Accessories should be classic and stylish.

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Make Your Own

Did you know?  Making your own denim skirts is totally do-able and requires minimal sewing skills.  Upcycle a pair of jeans by opening the inseam and stitching them back together overlapped.  (This takes us back to our college days, for real.) Here’s a handy tutorial, if you still don’t believe us.  Custom denim at your service!

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Maximize Your Denim Impact

For those of you who still can’t get enough of maxi skirts, try one in denim instead.  A long denim skirt is super Bohemian and stylish.  You can hide your favorite pair of low-profile tennis shoes under your hemline.  A simple chambray blouse completes the look (and you just hit the business casual target without being boring).

denim skirts | maxi jean tennis shoes chambray blouse business casual | Girlfriend is Better
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Cheating Allowed

Another hip style from the 70s is kind of cheating but we think it counts.  Split denim skirts (aka skorts) with roomy legs and generous hem lengths work just as well.  Darker denim looks pulled together Canadian tuxedo-style with blouses and jackets in the same shade.  Keep warm with a mock neck or turtleneck undershirt and your flashback is complete.

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Focus on Neutrals

Denim looks super pulled together when paired with neutrals.  Try pairing denim skirts in neutral colors with jackets or blouses in standard blue.  This style is delightful on casual Fridays and transitions nicely into the weekend. Add a bandana hair scarf to the Friday-standard ponytail and you are good to go!

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Patchwork, Please

If you are a lover of deconstructed denim or granny squares, then patchwork might be the thing for you.  One of the best trends in denim skirts is expertly tailored patchwork beauties.  Keep the length just below the knees and try on a few ruffles if you like. (Celine really hit the trend on the money.)  Can’t get much better than this!

denim skirts | deconstructed ruffles midi length neutrals country casual Friday | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue

Phases + Stages

Any style you choose will be perfectly acceptable.  This season’s denim skirts are flexible, fresh, and fun.  You can even make your own custom skirt from a pair of blue jeans with minimal sewing skills.  So no excuses! Get creative and tap into your country girl charm while staying warm and comfy.

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