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Denim jumpsuit with culottes | Girlfriend is Better
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In a rush? Move over maxi dress, the denim jumpsuit is taking over! You might have noticed we recently went gaga for overalls and pinafores. Well, add jumpsuits to the mix! The easy way to get dressed without any fuss! Check out our favorite styles in denim, perfect for transitioning into Fall fashion.

Denim jumpsuit with gathered waist | Girlfriend is Better
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Denim Jumpsuit 70’s Style

For a full jumpsuit flashback, look no further than the one-piece dreams from the 70’s. A proper 70’s style denim jumpsuit should, of course, include bell bottoms. We like styles with wide ties at the waistline, especially. Take a crash course in high-rise jeans and make sure your groovy one-piece follows suit! You can pair this looks with clogs, or one of our favorite sandal styles of the season.

Denim jumpsuit 70's style with flared legs and tie waist | Girlfriend is Better
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Casual Friday

Never be afraid to go ultra “blue collar” on casual Fridays. Pull off a denim jumpsuit in the work place by brightening up your accessories. Streamline the look with bright slides or block heel sandals. Did you catch our article on easy ways to add bandanas to your outfit? Tie one in your hair or wrap one around your wrist for a no-fuss accessory. The great thing about a jumpsuit is that it’s a whole outfit in one piece!

Denim jumpsuit with side cutouts and rolled hem | Girlfriend is Better
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Strictly Weekend

Even though denim is a casual fabric, you can easily rock the look on a night out. Wear a denim jumpsuit with wider flares and a smaller bodice. The juxtaposition in balance makes you look long and lean, like your favorite driving machine. Definitely pair a jumpsuit of these proportions with clogs; emphasis on the legs! It’s a power look that makes the casual fabric work.

Denim jumpsuit with wide leg flares and spaghetti straps | Girlfriend is Better
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Hammer Time

Are you jumping on our skater girl bandwagon this season? Your denim jumpsuit should consider sporting a drop crotch. Hailing from the 90’s, this style of jumper is super comfortable and easy to move in. We absolutely love the fit of Romwe Buttoned Drop Crotch Blue Denim Overall Pants. Super figure-flattering! Of course you should sport a pair of Chuck Taylor’s in the color of your choice. Doing ollies and kick flips all day long.

Denim jumpsuit with drop crotch skate style | Girlfriend is Better
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Soften Up the Look

Denim jumpers don’t have to be all rigid. A softer approach to a denim jumpsuit includes a wider cut and more leg room. Lauren Winter carries a Wraparound Jumpsuit in navy washed tencel that mimics denim just right. We love the long waist tie and the squared shoulders. If you can find a jumpsuit that is comfortable and easy to move in, you might wear it every day! Or, okay, every other day.

Denim jumpsuit in washed tencel | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @pennyweight via Instagram

Fake it Till You Make it

Can’t find the right jumper? You can fake a denim jumpsuit by pairing a strappy tank with high-rise jeans in the same shade. This is only to tie you over until you acquire the real deal! Cheaters never prosper!

Fake a denim jumper with a tank and high-rise jeans in same shade | Girlfriend is Better
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Jump into a Jumpsuit

Time to make getting dressed in the morning a no-brainer situation. Having a denim jumpsuit on hand makes pulling a look together a one-step process. Try and find a style that is versatile to your lifestyle. This baby should not be a one-hit-wonder! Once you find the perfect one that fits you like a glove, you will be unstoppable. If you like what you see, be sure to scroll down and sign up for our newsletter. We’ll email you when new articles are posted each week. Thanks!

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