Puff Shoulders Keep You Falling in Love With Fashion

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Romance is holding the month of February ransom! Billowy sleeves and puff shoulders adorn street style goddesses around the globe. Silk blouses and cotton dresses are keeping the focus on the arms and shoulders. If you’re looking for a fresh Winter update that will work its way into Spring, this is the trend to look for.

puff shoulders | silk blouse balloon sleeves work wear | Girlfriend is Better
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Deconstructed Puff Shoulders

Anyone who watched the red carpet (in horror?) at the Grammys can see avant-garde is in. Puff shoulders with ruched sleeves are big, big, big! Look for deconstructed denim and sturdy cotton pulling this off best. Runway models and street style stars are adding extra vavoom to their wardrobe. It’s the new hip hop fashion meets couture madness all around.

puff shoulders | ruched sleeves Louis Vuitton denim jacket deconstructed | Girlfriend is Better
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5th Dimension

Bold accessories like ceramic earrings and statement-making sunglasses work with this style. Puff shoulders and ruched sleeves give texture and dimension to last season’s stripes. Add a structured top handle purse or bag and you’re ready for any occasion. (If you’re not yet feeling the look, we suggest adding Velvet Buzzsaw to your Netflix queue and go from there.)

puff shoulders | ruched sleeves striped blouse top handle purse | Girlfriend is Better
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Pretty in Plaid

If you haven’t quite gotten over plaid from Fall, an updated sleeve and a few ruffles might do the trick. Look for roomier Spring dresses with puff shoulders and lots of extra detail. We started looking at oversize dresses with Valentine’s Day fashion and now it’s really starting to stick. It’s crazy how this new balloon shape is sooo flattering on just about everyone. And by crazy we mean Ah-mazing.

puff sleeves | plaid dress embroidered ruffles Spring street style | Girlfriend is Better
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Puff Magic

We’re also swooning over the combination of Winter white outfits and classic neutrals. Puff shoulders give a pin white button-up blouse instant love. A square neck Mara Hoffman blouse certainly made it to our wishlist because of its sleeves alone! You can’t put a price on classic beauty. Or can you?

puff shoulders | white blouse button front neutral slacks work wear | Girlfriend is Better
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Go Big With Sheer

Oh, how we love tulle. Whether you’re rocking a slip on the outside or a sheer blouse, this fabric is essential. Try a sheer pullover with puff sleeves and a wide waist with an oversize sweatshirt. The result is a balance of delicate feminine and substantial masculine. The very yin/yang we all hold within ourselves, wouldn’t you agree?

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Sugar + Spice

For special events and girl’s only brunches, romantic classics are always welcome. Puff shoulders on silk blouses are as tear-jerking as a classic chick flick. Pussy bow blouses with full shoulders look beautiful paired with lace. Keep the sleeves tighter and the color monochromatic for a big texture win.

puff shoulders | cream tie neck pussy bow blouse all white skirt | Girlfriend is Better
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Closet Staple

Although ruched sleeves might be a little trendy, puff shoulders are classics. Add a puff shoulder blouse or sweater to your wardrobe as a closet staple. They give instant femininity to any outfit and make you feel a little extra special. Give yourself some love this week and put them on!

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