Trend Watch or Participate: Indie Sleaze

indie sleaze | electronic music Crystal Castles club wear | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: b-a-s-o-r-e-x-i-a via Tumblr

Admittedly, we are suckers for a trend. How fast does time fly when club-goers start sporting “indie sleaze”—a style that hails from a mere 15 years ago? Did hipsters go out of style and come back already without us realizing it? Entirely possible. (And whatever happened to Alice Glass?)

indie sleaze | cheetah print platform Converse pink hair graphic tee skinny jeans | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Alison Mosshart | photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

The Wolf Cut

Girls got us howling in our boots again. Not quite mullet, not quite shag, the wolf cut is a result of cropping the front half of hair short and leaving the rest long and shaggy. The disconnected layers turn up the volume in the front and dial it down in the back. If you can commit to anything, commit to your hairstyle.

indie sleaze | Kaia Gerber wolf cut graphic tee shirt leather pants | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Kaia Gerber | Photo courtesy: Streets Ahead Inc

Bring Paparazzi

If you didn’t get pictures, it didn’t happen. To accurately capture the indie sleaze look, be sure to use flash and overexpose your photos a bit. This mimics the on-site club photographer who can transform a grunge girl into a Courtney Love-level celebrity. Make sure you pick the right background and pretend like you didn’t want the photo taken while you show off your exquisite dark mani.

indie sleaze | graphic tee shirt overexposed photography party outfit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: vi0lettae via Tumblr

Layer on Leather

Look to 70s punk singers like Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, or Gaye Advert for style cues. Indie sleaze is a delicate balance of freestyling with fabric essentials like cotton, leather, and faux fur. Shorts and skirts should be micro while coats are best at mid-lengths. If you’re starting to feel too dressed up, it shouldn’t be anything an old pair of Converse can’t solve.

indie sleaze | leather mini skirt cheetah aux fur coat graphic tee Converse | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: PERVERZE

Indie Sleaze = Meow.

If you’re someone who worries about the staying power of trends, invest in an animal print faux fur coat. You will be able to work a cropped or mid-length faux fur coat in cheetah or leopard print with any style past or future. How can one item combine the power of glamour and sex appeal so adequately? Add a little back dress to dial up the glamour—fishnet tights to dial up the sex appeal.

indie sleaze | cheetah faux fur cropped jacket leather mini skirt graphic tee fishnet tights combat boots | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pretty Attitude

Vintage American Apparel

If you are too young to remember American Apparel ads, think sport socks, bodysuits, and a budget. An indie sleaze staple, American Apparel did a terrific job offering affordable basics that were both provocative and body positive. The oversized graphic tee trend carries over here with the simple addition of boy briefs and/ or tights.

indie sleaze | oversized graphic tee tights boy shorts | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: LA Cool & Chic

Winter Boots

Combat boots also aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Another good indie sleaze staple to invest in, Dr. Marten’s are comfortable, durable, and perfect for winter. Dr. Marten’s help dress a dress down and give the right punk rock attitude to an otherwise meek and meager little outfit. Feel free to take a pair of shears to an animal print dress to ensure your feet get some camera time.

indie sleaze | animal print dress Dr. Martens blue hair qrunge | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Paper Blog

Life in the Underground

As today’s youth progressively reject “alternate universes” and “new normals” they are heading down to the basements of club life as a way to experience music and art. The fashion of indie sleaze is a style statement that projects the rejection of virtual reality and perfectionism. Remember, flippant glamour and intentional/ unintentional sex appeal should always be less important than who someone is or the cool new things they’re doing.

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