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Slip dress for New Year's parties and 2017 | Girlfriend is Better
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Time to get ready to ring in the new year! Personally, I’m happy to see 2016 come and go. It’s been a year of transition for many people which starts to mess with your sense of stability. Adaptability happens to be my strong suit, so let’s talk about ye olde slip dress. This flashback to 90’s fashion is perfect to work into your wardrobe and you can dress it up or down easy.

Slip dress | New Year's Eve Parties and 2017 | Girlfriend is Better
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Lefty Loosey

Might I suggest you make sure the dress hangs nice and loose? Pair a slip dress with a bralette that can work as a top. Go for floral on floral or choose a contrasting color. The point is to attract more attention to your neckline and less to your waistline. This way you can keep the dress loose and free and flattering.

Slip dress | Pair with a bralette and wear loose | Girlfriend is Better
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Stick With Florals

No one said your slip dress needed to be satin. Slip dresses in florals or rayon blends are a very pretty alternative. Pair one with a denim jacket and tennies and head out to your local farmer’s market. If you like to mix-and-match patterns, wrap a flannel around your waist and add as many 90’s style accessories you can get your hands on. Remember our article on socks + sandals? Go that route if you are opting for an over-sized jacket to maintain the feminine balance.

Floral slip dress | Add 90's accessories and a flannel | Girlfriend is Better
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Slip dress | Pair with an over-sized jacket and socks + sandals | Girlfriend is Better
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Add a Graphic Tee

My #1 favorite slip dress combo involves the graphic tee. Adding a graphic tee is not only super 100% 90’s, it helps give your mid-section some much needed layering. Sorry, but these points are key to a flattering end result. I love slip dresses, but they are TRICKY. A t-shirt dress underneath would be golden. Either that or Spanx!

Pair a slip dress with a graphic tee | Girlfriend is Better
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Layer a slip dress with a graphic tee | Girlfriend is Better
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Slip Dress + Tee = Win

True, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a graphic tee to work. I think white tees and other types of printed tees look very cute with the slip dress. The key is to have fun with different color and print combos. Adding a tee gives the dress a more playful look so you don’t have to feel so conspicuously scandalous. This way you can buy a fun dress for New Year’s Eve and then wear it straight into Spring and Summer. More bang for your buck!

air a slip dress with a tee to play it down | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! Add this sultry remix by Stavroz into your party mix. New Year’s Eve is a long night, so pace yourself.
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Camille Rowe rocks a slip dress with a tee | Girlfriend is Better
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Need More Coverage?

Since it’s the thick of winter, understand that you can still rock the look and stay warm! Pairing a turtleneck with a slip dress is also perfectly acceptable. I don’t think my friend Rachel would allow this on New Year’s Eve, however. She has admonished me, “You don’t bring grandma into the club”! Ha ha! Guilty as charged. But elsewhere, this is a very cute look – ie. at work (or at grandma’s house).

Pairing a turtleneck with a slip dress is acceptable and warm | Girlfriend is Better
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Our Picks

For slip dresses that are fun, flattering, and easy on the wallet – check out our favorites from Revolve. These dresses are all less than $100 so get ready for the New Year stress-free! Based in Los Angeles, Revolve carries trendy brands and offers a style expert if you need some more help with sizes.

Pair a turtle neck with a slip dress | Girlfriend is Better
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Don’t get me wrong – the look is a challenging one. If I can impress just one thing upon your minds it is that the slip dress look best when worn loose. Girls of all shapes and sizes can look disastrous when the dress is too fitted. Feel free to do an image search for “slip dress” and start making some comparisons yourself. The more comfortable you feel in the dress, the more confident you will appear. And that is the secret ingredient to any outfit recipe.

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