Vintage Windbreakers: Thrift Shop Treasure

vintage windbreakers | SYMPATEX jacket 80s retro yellow purple mid-length | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: InstaAntiques via Etsy | Shop: Vintage SYMPATEX jacket

Spring brings flowers, windy days, and the revival of vintage fashion trends! Vintage windbreakers are back in style to save us from fierce winds and dull outfits. Their eccentric designs let your individuality bloom along with the flowers. Settle into spring with something that serves an effortlessly cool and quirky look.

vintage windbreakers | yellow pink teal pastels 80s half sleeve shirt | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @roses_and_tea via Depop | Shop: Vintage 80s Half-Sleeve Shirt

Jeans & Jackets

This month we saluted tomboy fashion and got mega inspiration to start raiding thrift stores again. Vintage windbreakers are best complimented with more vintage accents. Pair with this season’s barrel jeans for a Spring trend that will turn heads. Blue jeans further accentuate the carefree nature of these jackets. Make use of their vivid colors to create an whimsical look!

vintage windbreakers | teal yellow mid-length jacket barrel jeans | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @aestheticssoul_ via Instagram

Soft Season

The fashion world is in desperate need of a break away from the chic and sharp looks. Windbreakers provide a light and cheerful respite from the monotony of modern fashion. They introduce a sense of playfulness into any outfit. Additionally, these are perfect for anyone who fancies color blocking. Soften up your vibe with some vintage charm!

vintage windbreakers | Alfred Dunner 80s 90s light weight jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @milleremiley via Depop | Shop: Alfred Dunner 80s Lightweight Jacket

Aging Like Wine

Brands used to have a more eccentric style for their clothing. Branded vintage windbreakers turn heads without breaking the bank. All the notoriety of a name brand with the charm of the good ‘ole days. These jackets can be bought for heavily discounted prices at your local thrift shop.

vintage windbreakers | 80s Nike half-zip blue cinched sleeves jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @plusdechic via Depop | Shop: Vintage 80s Nike Half-Zip Windbreaker

Comfort Meets Chic

Spring weather can be moody and fitful. Vintage windbreakers are perfect for the turbulence of the season. For example, they protect you from chilly breezes and their light material stays cool in warmer weather. Additionally, if you loved our multicolored furs in the Winter, you might consider cooling down in a “rave jacket” for Spring.

vintage windbreakers | full zip 80s multicolored rave jacket green | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: GodzillaVintageStore via Etsy | Shop: Multicolor Full ZIp Jacket

Retro Maximilism

These jackets come in a variety of colors and designs that are guaranteed to make you the center of attention. The peculiar patterns and visuals that vintage windbreakers provide resonate with maximalism. Let your personality shine through their exuberant color and unique concepts that today’s fashion simply doesn’t offer.

vintage windbreakers | 80s 90s color block Etrirel purple new wave full zip | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: WinnersVintage via Etsy | Shop: Vintage 80s Windbreaker Etirel

Pins & Needles

Our love for embroidery carries on! Vintage windbreakers with quilted panels and embroidered details are truly one-of-a-kind. The soft colors of the 80s carries a little romantic flavor into any outfit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something flashier feel free to add some enamel pins for quirky retro look.

vintage windbreakers | 80s Wilson light blue embroidered flowers quilted cinched sleeves | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: RuseDreamVintage via Etsy | Shop: 80s Wilson Windbreaker Light Blue Embroidered

Vintage Windbreakers: Trendy & Retro

Plunder your closest or your local thrift shop for this hot new Spring trend. Vintage windbreakers bring back a glimpse of an iconic era. Breathe some life into your next look with a windbreaker that drips in “Saved by The Bell” vibes.

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