Nice Cream: Can’t Believe Its Not Ice Cream

Looking for a guilt free frosty treat? Nice cream is an ice cream substitute that uses all natural ingredients. This creamy treat has all the sweetness and variety of ice cream with a fraction of the calories. In addition, its ingredients are fully customizable. We’ll give you a recipe that you can change up to your liking!

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Whats So Nice About It?

Ice cream may be good, but if you’re lactose intolerant, it’s never really nice on the stomach. Also, nice cream uses much healthier ingredients so you can enjoy it without any regrets! This sweet substitute also allows you to enjoy it without any of the dairy. In other words, this sweet treat can be completely vegan, or lactose-free

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Shockingly Simple

All you need to start your journey to healthy ice cream are two frozen ripe bananas. Nice cream is fairly simple to make and it’s worth the little effort it takes. (For more in-depth instructions and different flavor, recommendations visit The Clean Life.) If you’re looking to have a creamier product feel free to add your favorite milk substitute. For instance, unsweetened almond milk is always a good choice. However, use liquid sparingly because you might end up with a smoothie.

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Vegan + Gluten-Free

How do you make something dairy-free and creamy? The secret to nice cream is frozen bananas. Bananas are naturally creamy and sweet. When blended, frozen bananas provide the creamy consistency we’re all familiar with. In addition banana’s natural sweetness stops the need for any added sugars. However, if you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, add any fruit you like.

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Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Not a huge fan of bananas? Nice cream does rely on bananas for its texture but you can customize its flavor quite easily. For instance, toss in some frozen mangoes and pineapple to create a refreshingly cool treat with a tropical twist. You can also adjust its nutritional value. For example, add some chia seeds and pepita seeds to get a healthy dose of protein while adding some texture. The possibilities are only limited to your personal preferences. Create works of art with color variation and vibrant toppings.

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Bananas For Ice Cream

It’s no big secret that vegan options are typically on the pricey side. Nice cream is extremely affordable if you make it yourself. All you really need are frozen bananas and a few other things to boost its flavor. These items are probably already in your kitchen waiting to be blitzed into a sweet treat. All in all, this dessert is easy on the stomach and the wallet.

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Vitamins By The Pint

Wishing a bowl of ice cream cured more than just a bad day? Nice cream is packed with nutrients and vitamins. Bananas are a natural source of fiber, Vitamin C, and potassium. Fiber aids with your digestion while Vitamin C and potassium rejuvenate your body by lowering blood pressure and improving heart health. So yummy and good for you, you can certainly enjoy a bowl for breakfast.

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We All Scream For Nice Cream

It’s always good to treat yourself to something sweet every now and again. With nice cream treating yourself can happen frequently without any guilt. It’s perfect for any health nut with a sweet tooth. It’s extremely versatile, you can even use it to make healthy creamsicles. All you need are two ripe bananas, so why not give it a shot?

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