Chunky Black Boots Come Out of Quarantine

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In spite of fashion currently trending on stay-at-home style, there is one piece of outerwear that should be added to your cart immediately. Straight from the 90s, chunky black boots are sensible and spectacular. They work with a myriad of outfits and get you in and out of rain storms stress-free. Learn what styles work best with your wardrobe and then get on trend, already.

chunky black boots | 90s oversized belted blazer cropped denim turtleneck | Girlfriend is Better
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Chunky Black Boots From The 90s

If you are a grunge child from the 90s or literally anyone with their eye on trends, you know that thick soles have made a major comeback. Style chunky black boots with skirts and dresses easy. A loose midi skirt and oversized graphic tee look rocking with mid-calf work boots. Dr. Martens is an easy one-stop-shop for the perfect platform boot that goes with practically everything. The inner ankle zip makes them easy to put on and take off as you step in and off the street.

chunky black boots | Dr. Marten 90s grunge style midi skirt oversized graphic tee | Girlfriend is Better
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Working The Workman Style

For more of a blue collar approach, take a look at workman styles that beg for a thicker-soled shoe. Pair your chunky black boots with mens outerwear and don’t be afraid to scuff things up a little. Oversized jackets with dropped shoulder seams and front pockets with cropped, high-water denim give your feet plenty of showing off time. We have been loving this look for quite some time and don’t see our hearts swaying anytime soon. Some looks were built to last.

chunky black boots | workman style oversized menswear jacket high-water cropped denim | Girlfriend is Better
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Tuck it in

Also on trend: keeping totally dry and tucking your pants into your boots. Consider opting for a higher chunky black boot that you can hide under skirt hems and tuck pant hems into safely. This prevents hem spoilage and looks very utilitarian to boot. A simple black and butter-shaded combo looks crisp and clean. Layer a comfy turtleneck under an oversized puffer and you’ll be turning heads in no time. Remember to accessorize with simple pendant necklaces and a top handle purse. Less is more here.

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No Laces

For the tucked-in style, we recommend nixing the laces. Chunky black boots look more streamlined without laces and can more easily double as rain gear. These elasticated combat boots are perfect for stomping around in puddles. The leather outer and rubber sole will last you a lifetime of stormy seasons.

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Maybe Do Moto

For full coverage and as the ultimate rainbow upgrade, consider a stomping moto boot instead. Taller, chunky black boots that fit slim to the leg are like the gift that keep on giving. You can wear them under dresses and skirts or over skinny jeans and leggings. Pair with your favorite oversized blazer and accessorize with an oversized clutch for the win. Perfect for travel throughout the city.

chunky black boots | moto rainboot knee-high oversized blazer street style | Girlfriend is Better
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Picking The Right Height

If you are struggle to choose one pair, think of what you wear most and then select the height that works best. The soles of your chunky black boots should be more of a platform style around 1 3/4 – 2 inches in height minimum. If you wear skirts and dresses more, choose an ankle boot. For tucking in pants, a mid-calf works well for looser pants and a knee-high works best for tighter styles.

chunky black boots | winter fashion street style turtleneck sweater mini skirt top handle purse | Girlfriend is Better
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60 Degrees And Below

Once the temperature drops ever so slightly, these boots are acceptable footwear. That makes chunky black boots one of the most-worn footwear of the year. Since they are so versatile, it makes sense to invest in them big time. Never skimp on comfort and purchase the best quality you can afford. Add shoe care or insoles to your cart to ensure your big old boots last you forever.

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