Black Floors Create Elegant Vibes in Any Home

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One of the primary fundamentals of interior design is to create a “grounding” effect in your home. We love the anchoring effect that black floors give to any room as well as the contrast they can provide to the rest of your decor. Super dark flooring is both chic and elegant and gives your space an element of quality.

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Black Floors in Small Spaces

If you’re feeling a little gun-shy, take a cue from our article on decorating small spaces and pick an office or bathroom to try out the look. Personalize a powder room with black floors and matching backsplashes. You can play with pattern and use different styles of geometric tiles to create a fun and interesting effect. A small area rug and lots of vintage details can make the dark color work as the perfect canvas.

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Minimalism At Play

Create a light and airy feeling in your home with white walls and large windows. Use the sophistication of black floors to balance openness and add a little mood. If you are a minimalist at heart, you will love how the dramatic play on color can become 90% of the decor in your home. Take your focus off of furniture and put it in moldings, architectural features, and maybe even a little stained glass. Totally dreamy!

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Play With Patterns

Ever in love with herringbone wood floors, we like to create visual interest with mixed patterns and subtle lines. Give black floors a sense of texture by using different patterns of wood in each room. This helps create a feeling of segmentation and also keeps things interesting. With some thought, you might want to skip a rug all together and showcase the beauty of rich patterning instead.

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Paint Up a Patio

Another ‘oft-overlooked space to spruce up is a small balcony or patio. Black floors and accent walls can instantly create a cozy effect. Medium-toned wood looks beautiful and rich next to the dark hues and cushions or pillows in lighter pastels really stand out. An outdoor getaway might be just the respite you have been needing.

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Refined Elegance

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Wow visitors with the impact that black floors can bring to any entryway. Take a look at our favorite stair risers and consider tying in a beautiful staircase with the same color as your floors. Keep the look chic and modern and add a bountiful amount of the wood element as well. The end result will be a home that looks fantastic upon entry and promotes upward personal growth as well.

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Bring it All Together

Take a few of your favorite ideas and pull them all together quickly and easily. You don’t have to feel overly committed to black floors if you start someplace small. Remember to use light or muted pastes to keep things warm and bright. Dark floors can be quite forgiving and make cleanup a snap as well.

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Think of The Benefits

Dark floors (and dark wood floors especially) have many desirable traits. Black floors absorb light and so they are less prone to fading than their lighter counterparts. They are also more modern and can bee an attractive backdrop for more casual decor types as well. They allow you to refresh any space with minimal investment, since they are timeless and classic by nature.

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