Herringbone Wood Floors

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Gorgeous flooring is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with all of the things that bring you joy. If you have herringbone wood floors at home, you really don’t need much else. The gorgeous pattern can act as a standalone piece and brings character with a touch of glam. Take a look at some of our favorite spaces that showcase this beautiful foundation underfoot.

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Herringbone Wood Floors Welcome You Inside

Walk into any home and your eyes are instantly filled with wonder. A subtle detail of herringbone wood flooring is that they make a subconscious arrow inviting you along the way. Make sure the pattern leads away from a front door to create this welcoming vibe. Add some personality to a long entryway with our console styling tips and a Breuer style bench.

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Parisian Decor Essential

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you will know that this type of flooring is everywhere. The tiniest of spaces become instantly elegant when they have herringbone wood floors. Do like the French and mix modern pieces with antique details, like wall and ceiling moulding. Leverage the power of the Feng Shui wood element to promote upward growth.

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Bohemian eclectic

Wood flooring is so versatile, it works magic with any style you like. The vintage feel of herringbone wood floors make a new space feel lived in and cozy. If your wood has yellow undertones, enhance the look with a comfy sofa to match. These floors do a lot to showcase what’s on your walls as well. Add oversized art in a living room for a Bohemian eclectic vibe.

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Maintenance + Cleaning

As with any wood floors, a little maintenance goes a long way. Be sure to use a natural soap on your herringbone woods floors that will protect them. We like WOCA’s line of wood floor cleaners and protectors. The Denmark company uses high-quality plant-based ingredients that help color, clean, and finish wood. ‘Tis the season for Spring cleaning so give your floors a little treat.

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Keep The Look Warm

One of the most beautiful things about wood is the warmth it brings. Keep the warm feeling of a space by introducing plush fabrics like velvet or velour. Area rugs are 100% unnecessary and the wood really pops in an all-white room. Make dining rooms cozy and inviting with a small fireplace and an upright piano. (You’ll find a space like this more enjoyable than any room that contains a TV.)

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Comfy Closets

For the materialistic types, upgraded closets are la pièce de résistance. A simple wardrobe gets a touch of Parisian glamour the minute you add herringbone wood floors. Add touches of gold decor and a velvet gold sofa for a space that Midas would approve of. Choose a wood that is on the lighter side of the spectrum to create an open, airy vibe.

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Old + New

Never feel that you have to have an old world home to incorporate this pattern of flooring. We think herringbone wood floors are just as appropriate in modern spaces. Europeans have a knack for mixing old with new and you can do the same easily. If your home is newer, incorporate vintage or antique furniture. And vice versa with older homes. If you love them, add them in!

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