Southern Bohemian: That Just Dills Our Pickle!

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Bless your pea pickin’ hearts! If you’re hoping to get your decor all gussied up, think about incorporating a little Southern Bohemian charm into your home. The colors of the deep South blended with vintage keepsakes will make you as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.

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Southern Bohemian, Y’all

If you like to collect vintage artwork or wall hangings, create a gallery wall and put them on display. Use deep colors to create a moody Southern Bohemian vibe. Tap into the South’s history of jazz and add an atmosphere that is sultry and cool. Create a vignette of plants and baking items with a portrait of a Southern beauty to finish the look.

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Slower Than a Sunday Afternoon

Learn about linen bedding and how flax works to regulate your temperature and wick away moisture. That’s why linen is such a popular fabric and is a staple in a Southern Bohemian home. Dress up a guest bedroom with caned chairs or any furniture in white wicker. You’ll stay cool in the summer and warm when it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table.

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Too Poor to Paint; Too Proud to Whitewash

Add a punch of color to a whitewashed kitchen with country florals and natural woods. Georgia’s country peach is an easy way to add Southern Bohemian flair in a pinch. Treat guests to an easy afternoon tea with your own home tea blends and sandwiches made with alternative nut butter and orange marmalade. Perfect when you’re so hungry you could eat the north end of a south-bound pole cat.

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Meaner Than a Wet Panther

Give some country charm to jungle decor with vintage or antique furniture. Bringing as much of the outdoors inside is essential to Southern Bohemian style. Banana leaf wallpaper and an easy rotation of plants will have you thinking the sun comes up just to hear you crow.

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Prettier Than Socks on a Rooster

When decorating the dining room, use a dash of eclecticism with the seating arrangements. Rustic and vintage furniture look instantly glam with Southern Bohemian table arrangements. A lace runner and gobs of flowers from the garden are a must. Macrame wall hangings and vintage decor keep things prettier than a magnolia in May.

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Runnin’ All Over Hell’s Half Acre

When adding a gallery wall, go big or go home! Have fun displaying a collection of Southern Bohemian inspired paintings, needlepoints, or other such brick-a-brack. Feel free to overload a small space as long as there’s a noticeable theme in sight. A fireplace is a much-preferred focal point over anything electronic. (It’s also an easy decor treatment when you’re so poor you can’t afford to pay attention.)

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Lost as Last Year’s Easter Egg

Do you have a space that looks like ten miles of bad road, cheer up. Adding Southern Bohemian beauty is a quick and easy as a trip outside. Add plants, floral prints, and a hot pot of coffee and you’re 80% of the way there. No need to hurry, as far as we’re concerned, you can just keep decorating until the cows come home.

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