Home Tea Blends: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

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Tea is great for relaxation but the flavor and the routine can get a bit bland. Home tea blends let you keep your tea time interesting. You can create an assortment of tea blends that best fit your tastes. In addition, you can create them in bulk so you can enjoy well into the future (with the help of an airtight container).

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Spoonful of Sugar

Tea is good for the mind, body, and soul. Add some intention to home tea blend, by selecting ingredients for the health benefits they provide. Herbal tea is naturally filled with antioxidants that help your heart. Boost your antioxidant intake by adding a personal blend to a standard white tea. For digestive help, pack your blend with a hearty dose of ginger. Either way, put down the coffee and add an afternoon tea ritual to your life instead.

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Loving Loose Leaf

Tea bags are convenient but they aren’t as potent as loose leaf tea. Home tea blends let you get more flavor out of every cup. Loose tea leaves can steep longer and give a more complex flavor profile. Additionally, the second time leaves are steeped, they can actually taste better than the first. The saying goes, “the first pour of tea is for your enemy and the second is for your friend”.

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Vintage Charm

Add a vintage coffee shop vibe into your kitchen with tins or jars of tea. Home tea blends are the perfect excuse to decorate your kitchen with mason jars filled with tea time goodies. You can introduce a comforting vibe into your home that sets up a perfect environment for relaxing with a cup of tea. Add some vintage character and comfort into your kitchen.

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Tastes Like Spring

2 cups dried calendula flowers
2 cups dried chamomile flowers
1 cup dried rose hips
1 cup dried lavender buds

Here’s a nice recipe to kick off your tea obsession. Home tea blends are perfect for anyone that adores homemade novelties. (If you’re looking for more in-depth instructions feel free to check out Cooking with Books.) This recipe yields a floral tea that perfectly compliments the fresh Spring recipes. Add a little rose water to enhance the florals even more!

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Goodbye Tea Bags

Store bought tea bags come in multiple flavors such as bitter to slightly less bitter hot water. Joking aside, home tea blends let you enjoy tea the way you want. You can create a recipe the perfectly matches your palette. For example, you can add dried flowers to gain a refreshing floral tea. On the other hand, if you’re going for a soothing, hearty tea; add pieces of cinnamon sticks and coriander. They both bolster your blends level of antioxidants and lower blood sugar. Simply add your loose leaf tea to a disposable tea bag, steep, and enjoy!

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Careful Concoction

Got a special occasion coming up and you have no idea what kind of gift to get? Home tea blends are perfect for any health fanatic. Show them you care with a cozy cup of tea. Naturally, getting that perfect blend for that special someone may take some time and experimenting. It’s a perfect excuse to fill your home with a variety of loose leaf tea for you to enjoy on any occasion. Think about the health benefits your giftee might enjoy. For instance, chamomile is perfect for relaxing anyone feeling stressed or anxious.

Home Tea Blends | Spoonful flower petals dried roses | Girlfriend is Better
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Home Tea Blends: Keep Things Intresting

Tea is perfect for any season and tastes great hot or iced. Spice up your relaxation routine with home tea blends. Adjust your blends to match your preferred taste or vitamin and mineral needs. Homemade blends are a perfect present for anyone who enjoys a healthy hot drink. Break out a few decorative mason jars and start your collection of teas!

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