Jungle Decor: Exotic Maximalism For Your Home

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Time to add an edge of maximalism to your home decor with big prints and lots of imagination.  Jungle decor is fresh out of a storybook, with lush, tropical leaves and wildlife abounding.  You can spruce up a guest bedroom or a cozy nook with glamour and whimsy.  We found the most amazing wallpaper prints and silk fabrics that will freshen up any space.  Take a look at some of our favorites and consider being a little more daring with your decor.

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Jungle Decor: Just Add Gold

Sometimes decorating with a safari feel can leave a room kind of spare and desert-like.  When contemplating the scarcity-abundance mindset, be sure to choose the latter!  Keep your jungle decor upscale with a generous dose of gold color.  Our gold decor article is chock full of ways to add maximalism to minimal spaces.  Gold is especially welcome in the Feng Shui Prosperity + Wealth center of your home.

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Where The Wild Things Are

In addition, large ceramic animals are a fun way to fill the space.  Jungle decor just wouldn’t be complete without a cheetah or tiger lurking in the shadows.   Animal statues are totally worth a splurge when you can find them life-sized and vintage.  (Take a look at this Italian hand-painted black panther, for example.) We also found a docile tiger on Chairish that won’t scare the kiddos.  This is our kind of pet!  Set one in the corner amid a dark and romantic wallpaper from Cole & Son.  We love the gold anglerfish in the deep sea as an alternative to your standard banana leaf.

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Photo courtesy: Cole + Son
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Moody Blues

Put the stark white and gray aside for a season.  When implementing jungle decor, use moodier colors, like purple,  navy blue, and green.  Wallpaper is the best way to add pattern and texture to a master bedroom or guest suite.  Try this Midnight Tropic Wallpaper Mural with a lush leaf pattern inspired by sultry Summer nights.  Intrigue and romance are always welcome in a sleeping space.  You don’t have to overdo it; big prints are more than enough on the eyes.  Keep the rest of the decor upscale and thoughtful.  Art Deco pieces work especially well.

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Asian Persuasion

If you’ve traveled to exotic places, those souvenirs should be front and center.  Another fine way to incorporate jungle decor is with rugs and textiles in velvet and silk.  Read our size guide for area rugs and add a richly colored beauty in the perfect size.  A Chinese Art Deco rug from the 1920s is probably one of the most glamorous textiles you can own.  Find one with jewel tones in gorgeous floral and animal motifs.

jungle decor red Asian rug green velvet sofa | Girlfriend is Better
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Use Feng Shui

We already mentioned sprucing up the Prosperity center with this style.  Combining the elements of Feng Shui with bold jungle decor is a wonderful way to manifest your deepest desires.  Cozy up a bedroom with relaxing prints and textiles to make it a wonderful retreat.  Incorporate the water element, earth element, or wood element as a way to harness energy and promote personal growth. Use large, Feng Shui-approved plants (such as Monstera Deliciosa) to breathe life into a space. Got a black thumb? Wallpaper works just as well and can create the perfect backdrop. Hygge + West carries some of the best wallpaper prints in the business.

jungle decor teal leaves wallpaper | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Hygge + West

Avant Garde

Look around your house and be sure to experiment with ideas. You can create a jungle decor atmosphere without using actual jungle items. A bold, graphic wallpaper can still work, if it’s got the right color scheme.  Get creative with sunburst mirrors or starburst clocks and lay throws with purpose, in snake-like fashion.  The overall feel should be ultra-stylish and moody.

jungle decor graphic print wallpaper purple blue gold | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dome Deco

Welcome to the Jungle

Add a touch of exoticism and evoke the atmosphere of far off lands.  Use jungle decor in a small space to start and then watch your passion grow.  Next time you’re out thrifting, seek out items that are unusual and beautiful.  Express your personal fantasies of opulence and mysticism and escape into a world of your own making.

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