Summer Hygge Essentials: Take it Easy

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Feeling in the mood for Fall, but it’s still a little too hot for “cozy”? We have a solution for all of your end-of-August problems. Adding a little more Summer hygge to your lifestyle will help you slow down and enjoy the changing season. Learn how to unplug and appreciate being in the moment a little more this week. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to recharge when you spend a little more time in the company of friends and Mother Nature.

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Lighten Up

In our Spring Hygge article, we discussed how hygge is a focus on comraderie and teamwork. We are building on the concept with Summer hygge; but are keeping things as light as possible. Forexample, instead of a dinner party, invite close friends over to enjoy a simple cheeseboard with a glass of wine. Grab a BFF and schedule a weekly date to watch one of our favorite British crime dramas on Netflix. Popcorn is always welcome! Spend a little time in other people’s company and lift each other’s spirits in the process.

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Easy Gardening

A backyard patio party is also a great idea for easy socializing with friends and neighbors. Move your Summer hygge festivities outside and keep it low-maintenance. Rather do a one-on-one? Invite a girlfriend over and pot a few plants in the morning. Add coffee or cocktails and they’ve got a fun gift to take home with them when you’re done. Cheers to that idea!

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Simple Abundance

Okay, okay, sometimes special events call for a little baking. Add some Summer hygge to your baby and bridal showers with local flora and fauna. Delicate touches, such as edible flowers and local berries are superb! Weddings can be simple, but elegant, with country themes or Bohemian charm. The trick is not to overdo it. A frazzled host or mother-of-the-bride is so not hygge 😉 On the other hand, a barefoot bride is pretty darn sweet.

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Find a Project

For lucky moms who have all the kids back in school, a simple handcraft is a terrific use of extra time. You can create a Summer hygge bedroom environment that transitions seamlessly into Fall. Pick up knitting or embroidery and add a pretty blanket or pillowcase to your bedding. Use one of our easy macrame DIYs and hang your artwork on the wall! (Okay, maybe we got a little cozy..) Soft linens with handmade touches are certainly worth the effort. They can even be passed down to future generations if you invest in the fabric and thread.

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Bathroom Bliss

Not feeling super social? Boo. Maybe you just need a little pampering. Doctor’s orders! Throw touches of Summer hygge decor into a bathroom and enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment or two. An epsom salt bath with essential oils is a highly recommend treatment for anxiety. Add some basic open shelving to hold wildflowers, favorite body lotions, and scented candles. Create a haven to retreat to whenever you want or need. (Morning or night!)

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Nooks + Crannies

With open shelving, you can tuck away creature comforts in every room. Use natural decor to keep the Summer hygge vibe going. Stock your favorite mugs and small dishes or bowls to be within reach when you get a self-ordered timeout. Have a collection of special herbal teas or goodies to serve guests that might pop by. Small gestures of hospitality go a long way, so it pays to be prepared!

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Open Windows

Get outside, or let the last warm breezes inside with open windows. Fresh air is good for your house and your soul! Taking time to yourself or giving a little quality time to others is a Summer hygge essential. Keep things light and breezy. Slow your days down and soak up sunshine and nature walks every day. This is the time to fill your Vitamin D reservoir with happy treats and a few laughs, too!

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