Sheer Blouse/ Sheer Strategy

Mustard sheer blouse puff sleeves | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Oxford Trunk

Admittedly, our favorite trend moving into Fall is a tricky one to pull off.  Organza (or see-through) tops are 100% feminine, but how do you wear them?  We found several ways to rock a sheer blouse without showing your ta-tas.  Suitable for work and play, these layering techniques are subtle and sexy.  Work it out!

Polka dot sheer blouse black ruffled sleeves | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Angelo Pennetta via WSJ Magazine

Sheer Blouse Boss

Pussy bow blouses are still raging forward in fashion.  Sport a sheer blouse with a long neck tie under a vest and you’re instantly office-appropriate.  A black, velveteen vest looks terrific over a blouse with trumpet sleeves. We also love dark blouses under softer pastels as a nice way to keep the summer moving along.  Total Bohemian bad-ass.  Take a look at our favorite see-through purses as the perfect accessory for gals on the go.

Sheer blouse lavender vest bell bottoms work wear | Milan Fashion Week F/W 2018-2019 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sandra Semburg via Vogue France

Focus on Romance

The best blouses popping up have gathers and ruffles to boot.  Focus on texture with a sheer blouse that has pattern details, such as polka dots or stripes.  Add a lacy bralette, which is meant to be worn with exposure in mind.  Here, you can go opposite, and pair a light pastel bralette under a darker blouse.  We are loving blacks with lavender, sea foam green, salmon, or peach.  The blouse should be loose and have plenty of puff.

Striped sheer blouse lavender bra | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lisa Says Gah
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Layering Technique

When you’re working with barely there fabric, it helps to add some classic solids.  Layer a sheer blouse with a sheer skirt over a solid bralette and cigarette pants.  Slips on the outside add a playful touch to any outfit.  Keeping the coverage on the bottom maximized helps minimize the lack of coverage on top.  Some sheer blouses come with body suits already built in.  Rock it lady!

Black sheer blouse texture skirt layering | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Natalie Off Duty

Country Girl Cool

Looking for something a little lighter?  Wear overalls or high-rise denim with a sheer blouse in a textured floral pattern.  Simpler bralettes keep things basic (and remember our light v. dark pairing suggestion).  High-rise denim covers more of your waistline and helps balance the covered/ uncovered ratios.  If you’re a little more modesty-minded, overalls are country cute and give you that much more coverage.

Lavender sheer blouse floral print dark bralette | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lisa Dengler

Vests Are Best

Right now we are also stoked on the comeback kid, the vest.  Throw a closed vest over a sheer blouse and keep your look worry-free!  Keep your top button fastened for a “smart-is-the-new-sexy” boast.  A sheer button-down with a pointed collar is perfect for the office.  Add oxfords or penny loafers with rolled-up khakis and your over-exposure problem just turned into a double-exposure solution.

Sheer blouse mustard wool vest | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Polishing Colors

Collars + Sleeves

Now that you’ve got some solutions for the torso part, keep your eyes on the rest of the details.  When buying a sheer blouse, keep the focus on the collar and the sleeves.  Puff sleeves, elasticated cuffs, and wide lapels are back in a big way.  Gilded blouses are hot for evenings and pleated blouses are cool for day.  Add sophisticated accessories, like coin necklaces and structured purses.  Who’s that lady?

Organza sheer blouse brown wide lapel | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Adenora

Dress For Success

The most important part of the look is keeping the coverage appropriate for the event.  You can wear the same sheer blouse to the office as to cocktails, depending on how you layer it.  Take advantage of lightweight pairing like vests and bralettes to stay cool while you start sporting darker colors.  Getting ready for Fall fashion is fun and sheer blouses can work with you all year round.  Add one or two to your cart this week and then style them to the max!

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