See-Through Purses For Gals With Nothing to Hide

See through purses | Transparent bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Belmko

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start adopting a less-is-more attitude. Think of the things you love/need most and put them on display with one of our favorite see-through purses or bags. Make a statement without saying a word! Take a carefree approach to what you have to have on hand and ditch the stress. This look is for girls who can be comfortable sporting lip balm and a spare key.

See through purses | Red retro jelly bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lisa Says Gah

In the Market: See-Through Purses

Heading to a farmer’s market?  (Check out The Mercato in Little Italy,San Diego or The Original Farmer’s Market in LA.Go casual with see-through purses that double as a shopping tote.  Net bags with smaller weaves are perfect for shopping and bringing home goodies.  Free People’s Beaded Net Bag is super sturdy and will hold your produce, no problem.  We love the square shape and embellished handles.  Great for traveling and the beach, too!

See through purses | Net beach bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Matilda Djerf

Retro Jelly Bags

If you already got on board with our straw purses from last Spring and need a change, this one might be for you.  The trendiest see-through purses this season are retro jelly bags in a rainbow of colors.   Special props to Lisa Says Gah for a stunning photo shoot featuring these 100% recycled plastic bags.  Swoon and double swoon!  They’re super versatile and at only $28 a pop, you don’t have to pick just one color (although we love it in red).  You can dress them up or dress them down, all depending on what you pack inside.

See through purses | Red retro jelly bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Lisa Says Gah

Smart is the New Sexy

For you bookish types, a sturdy net bag is a great way to pack along reading material.  See-through purses are especially fun when you have the latest magazine or novel peeking through.  This is what we mean by making a statement about what you’re all about from afar!  Take a look at Urban Outfitter’s Macrame Slouchy Tote Bag.  It comes with a matching interior liner, to which we say, “ditch it”!  This is a great weekend look and a perfect companion at the local coffee shop.

See through purses | Net book bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Grace Spain via tumblr


If you’re a little on the shy side, you can always play around with how much of your contents you expose.   Transparent clutches and see-through purses with hollow casings look super cool with beads or confetti inside.  Worth a splurge?  Lucy Folk has an amazing Cocoloko Mini Cocktail Clutch crafted from hundreds of translucent beads.  Totally dazzling and a conversation starter for sure.  Take this guy on your next Bumble or Tinder date.  You can always find vintage lucite or acrylic purses on Etsy as well, customize them with confetti!

Partly see through purses | Transparent clutch | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Fake it ‘Till You Make it

Another great way to rock the look without totally exposing yourself is to pack an evening clutch inside a transparent tote.  Using see-through purses and bags as mini display cases is totally okay in our book!  Use your artistic side and create a moving vignette.  Step one: grab a transparent bag.  This Steve Madden Parker Drop-in Tote looks smashing with white trim and rolled handles.  Step two: place something bright inside (like one of these lucite clutches from Anthropologie, drool).  Step three: take a look at our articles on cozy coats you can live in and socks + sandals for final inspiration.  Best DIY in town!

See through purses | Transparent bag gold trim street style | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pinterest
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Structured and Small

The trick to pulling off transparent bags is to add luxurious details.  Add modern handles and shapes to see-through purses and they instantly go luxe. Think 60’s mod and fashion labels.  We love Shop Girl’s Tortoise Shell Transparent Bag with it’s square handle and low price ($69). You’ll have to pre-order this one so you’ll have it by June. It’s the perfect companion for summer brunches and cocktails.

See through purses | Transparent tortoise shell bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Shop Girl

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

The outside of the bag ins’t as important as what’s packed inside.  See-through purses are only as cool as their contents.  Use them as containers and have fun exposing clutches, confetti, or your latest bale of radishes.  It’s all about personalizing your look and creating interest to your outfit.

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